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Level 39 Technology Accelerator

Mambu win FSTech Award

17 April 2014 15:43


A company whose roots lie in Berlin, Mambu enable financial institutions to launch and deliver loan and deposit products by making core banking infrastructure available via the cloud. By doing so, Mambu allow banks to spring up in areas which were almost impossible for the ‘traditional’ financial industry to serve. By delivering this service, Mambu have brought a huge number of previously ‘unbanked’ individuals into the banking system.

To see the full list of FSTechAward winners, check out the list here.

In addition to their success in the awards, Mambu were named in Informilo’s list of ‘London’s disruptive fintech companies’. Fellow Level39 members eToro , Heckyl , Myriada Systems , Digital Shadows , Kusiri and Ringpay also deservedly featured in the rundown.

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