In advance of the Royal wedding, luxury hand fan producers Rockcoco Fans is advising guests that fashion statements should be memorable for the right reasons.

Denise Frankel, co-owner of Rockcoco Fans, said: “It’s also important to remember that the right accessories can make or break any outfit.”

Looking at hats Denise says it’s customary to wear a hat at a church wedding.

She said: “When choosing your hat you should take the shape of your face into account. A small face suits a pillbox hat, but if your face is longer it’s advisable to wear a full brim.”

She added: “When choosing the colour it’s also important to match your skin tones. A pale skin needs warm colours, whereas darker skin tones hold no limitations.”

On the subject of pashminas Denise says you should match it with your outfit and throw it over your chair at the reception.

Commenting on handbags, Denise said: “For weddings it’s important to keep your handbag small and easy to carry, with this season’s must have shades of delicate pinks, greens and blues.”

She also commented that the shoe trend this summer is for classic court shoes, saying that although it is not obligatory to match them with your handbag, doing so does give a complete look.

On more bespoke accessories, Denise said: “While the addition of a hand fan is perfect for keeping cool in the warm weather, it also adds extra style and sophistication to an outfit.”

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About Rockcoco Fine Fans Ltd

Rockcoco is the first luxury hand fan producers in London for almost a hundred years.
The brand was named Rockcoco which the sisters felt embodied their product, classical with a modern and edgy twist.
The Rockcoco collections are created by artisans using traditional skills and a deep understanding of the rich history of the fan. The hand fans are characterised by attention to detail, luxury materials and an elegance and grace that speak to the modern woman.