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Make a profit out of your kitchen space with Kitchup

16 November 2015 09:30


Kitchup, a website that allows under-used kitchen space to be shared is an online platform that lets anyone with a commercial kitchen list their space for free. This enables another business to go and rent the space from the owner when it is not in use, whether that be a start-up food retail product prepping for a market, a production company for a food photo shoot or even an established supper club looking for a new venue.

The sharing economy is a well and truly established industry here in the UK. Although more support is needed for the continued growth of this exciting economy, perceptions and attitudes towards the way in which we conduct business are changing because of this model. Founder of the Kitchup platform, Charlie Jones is on a mission to make sharing kitchen space the next big thing, and with over 22,000 accredited food premises in London alone there is a lot of room for growth.

A day doesn't go by without hearing about the latest food trend coming to London, a car park street food market opening up or a debut food product popping up on our supermarket shelves. There is no doubt that the UK has become "the" place to start a food business but there needs to be the right support in order to grow.

Charlie shares his thoughts on the ever-growing food industry in London, "there are so many exciting food businesses out there and lots of potential ways to test your product, idea or restaurant concept. However one of the biggest challenges when starting out is finding kitchen space, so I have gone out to tackle this issue by sharing people's assets. With so many under-used kitchen spaces we need to be resourceful in order to best utilise what we have."

By using already positioned kitchen spaces, Charlie is hoping to not only create an environmentally positive business, but also a socially positive one where start-up food businesses (such as Yoghee - pictured) are learning from their hosts and creating a supportive community for the food industry.

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Providing affordable, flexible and practical #kitchenspace and a supportive community for food start-ups.
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