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Confucius Institute Sheffield University

MADE +CHINA BUSINESS Celebrations of 10 Year Partnership with China and Sheffiel

26 September 2014 17:43


MADE +CHINA BUSINESS Celebrations of 10 Year Partnership with China and Sheffield Confucius institute.
The Sheffield University Confucius Institute is celebrating 10 years of their Cultural partnership with the City of Sheffield and the people of South Yorkshire.
During a week of events the highlights were the

1. The third Business Seminar in the City Hall on Tuesday 23.9.14 called ‘Bridge to China’

Part of the MADE festival and supported by a letter of support from Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg read by Councillor Roger Davidson.

This event pulled together the business community in Sheffield headed by
Nick Patrick (International Trade Manager, SYITC): who spoke about his passion for overseas trade and how people can overcome their fears in his talk ‘’ From Sheffield to Shanghai’’.
The academic key note speaker was Bradley Barnes (Professor of International Management & Marketing, University of Sheffield: He delivered his research on Utilising Guanxi (loosely translated meaning networking) to leverage export performance in Sino-Anglo Business. This generated a number of requests and questions from the business and education elements of the audience and was extremely well received. Other speakers included
Linda Rosen from Business Development Manager, CBBC & Mr Junchao Zhang (Assistant Director of Research, CBBC China): Together they covered the topic ‘Approaching China: Opportunities and Challenge’. Again this generated a tide of questions which they dealt with around the massive amount of support that is available to business starting to trade with china. Linda is based in Leeds and Junchao is based in Shanghai.
Stephen Fish (Director of Career Service, University of Sheffield): introduced The GREAT Ambassadors (China) Scheme which will be rolled out later this year.
Miss Ma Kun from Sheffield Confucius Institute delivered a very funny lecture on the best way to act in a business environment and how the Chines way differs from the conventional western way in her lecture ‘’ Chinese Business etiquette/ Business Metaphors’’. She has the potential to do stand up with her very sharp wit and take on these important issues.
Professor Ran Tian (Deputy Director from BLCU) delivered the Opening and closing Speech and Paul Kilner a Tutor from Sheffield Confucius institute oversaw proceedings with a slick Sino style and polished delivery that bodes well for future Chinese events he will be delivering in the coming weeks.

2. Global Confucius Institute Day Celebrations at the Montgomery Hall Sheffield 25.9.14 ‏

Picture l_Right
1. Professor Ran Tian (Deputy Director Sheffield Confucius Institute)
2. Dr Lucy Xia Zhao (Director) Sheffield Confucius Institute
3 Councillor Roger Davidson
4. Mr Ying Wang , Consul, Head of Education Section, Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Manchester
5. Fan Zhang National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts
6. Mr Jun Pan, Consul, Education Section, Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Manchester

The consulate delegation from Manchester Mr Ying Wang from the Education Council was the VIP guest for a fantastic evening of Beijing Opera at the Montgomery Hall in Sheffield; Performed by National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, Beijing, China.

It was part of the week long celebrations for the Sheffield University Confucius Institute’s 10th Anniversary. This was the big highlight of a week of events celebrating the union between China and Sheffield and the support that relationship gets from the Sheffield University Confucius Institute (SCI).
Dr Lucy Xia Zhao the director of SCI welcomed the consulate. The Deputy Prime Minister’s office was represented by Sheffield City Councillor Roger Davidson who read out a letter of congratulations from the Deputy Prime Minister.
The assembled dignitaries guest and friends of the Institute, from all corners of Sheffield, were entertained by an authentic traditional evening of Chinese culture from Beijing Arts. This engaging evening was set in the perfect location of the old Montgomery Theatre (1886) and its intimate theatre setting.

A medley of Peking Opera Songs: character of an old gentleman in Chinese operas, character of a maid in Chinese operas
A Classical Play of Peking Opera: one of the famous Peking Opera play was followed by a
Martial Arts Like Dancing: Performing by Pablo Salas Vazquez from Sheffield Confucius Institute a Martial arts Teacher.
One of the most amazing acts was the Si Chuan Opera: Face Changing member of the troop that had the audience spell bound.
From Paul Kilner Sheffield Confucius institute Tutor

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