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Machine Fitness

Machine Fitness rebrand on its journey to become a recognisable brand worldwide

30 April 2014 18:52


Since starting Machine Fitness just over a year ago our brand has grown at an incredible rate and the support has been simply overwhelming. As part of the building process one of the elements we looked at was the logo and how the logo will work for us in the long term both in the UK and Worldwide as we grow into multiple countries throughout the world.
Over weeks of research we decided over much discussion the 'M' logo was not individual enough and strong enough for us to reach our WorldWide ambitions and become a instantly recognisable brand like Nike, Adidas and Under Armour to name a few.

We found too many logos that were similar to the 'M' which could be easily mistaken for Machine Fitness or another brand, this in turn started our rebranding/image process just under 6 months ago. We decided to recruit one of the top design agencies in the UK to help with this to create a emblem and brand image which would allow us to become a instantly recognisable brand worldwide through our symbol/emblem which represents Machine Fitness.

We went through a number of concepts and ideas before we came to the current logo which we have now introduced.
As soon as we saw this logo and applied it to our products we knew it was the one, even before reading what it means and represents. After reading what it means and represents this only went on to cement our decision that this was the way forward and the future of Machine Fitness and its image.

What is the meaning / rational for the logo -
"A mark of solidarity, which also visually represents layers of building muscle which also in turns shows the later "M".
The mark also contains wave shapes to mimic the heart rate or the peaks of the troughs of training.
the overall shape looks like a heart, as there is one at the "heart" of every Machine."

We look forward to growing the brand and bringing you more great products and truly appreciate all your fantastic support which has helped build Machine Fitness to what it is today.

Evolution Of The Machines
Twitter - @machinefitness
Instagram - @machinefitness

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About Machine Fitness

Machine Fitness are a gym clothing brand based in Manchester, UK.

Formed in December 2012 after months of preparation and planning to create a brand that would connect with gym enthusiastic who all share the same fitness goals and want a brand that motivates them and inspires them to meet there fitness goals.

From our brand name Machine Fitness our two slogans were created - Train Like A Machine and Machine Mode. These slogans perfectly represent the state of mind needed to reach your fitness goals whatever they many be, big or small.
They perfectly represent what our brand ethics are all about.

After a strong first year Machine Fitness grew rapidly via our main social media channel twitter and now has over 60,000 followers from all over the world. This remains the core of our brand and our interaction and personal touch via our active approach is what makes us stand out from the rest. Our customers feel a part of our journey as we become a part of their fitness journey too.

Machine Fitness is not just a brand, its a community, motivational, supportive and the future of fitness brands.

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