Previously an investigative filmmaker, Jane Fellner learned first-hand about the human cost of fast fashion when she went undercover in Bangladesh for a film about child labour.

Now a busy working Mum, she didn't feel comfortable just discarding her son’s outgrown nearly new clothes. But she couldn't find an easy way to sell them, on the high street or online. Now she's created her own solution…

Loopster,, is a revolution in how kids’ nearly new clothes are bought and sold, which offers three main benefits:
- Radically extends garments' lives.
- Allows parents to buy high quality, nearly new clothes cheap.
- Gives parents cash for clothes they no longer need. 

How it works:
Loopster hand-checks every item it sells to ensure it is good quality, and sells it on to other parents at a fraction of High Street prices. With clear photographs of the clothes on its easy-to-use website, searching for stylish bargains on Loopster is not only easy but fun.
And if you want to sell to Loopster, you simply order the Loopy Clear-Out Bag and fill it up with your child’s unwanted clothes. Back at Loopster HQ, they check the condition and quality of the garments. If it makes the grade, they’ll pay you for it. The rest gets returned to you or, if you agree, donated to the charity, Traid.

High cost kids clothes - at a low price:
Loopster stocks everything from Gap to Stella McCartney, selling at a third or less of the high street price. With a focus on designer brands, this curated collection offers the same buying experience as a normal retailers website.

Environmental impact:
Buying nearly new clothing and giving your child’s clothes a second life helps save the planet whilst saving you money. Last year nearly a quarter of all our clothes went into landfill.
Extending the life of a child’s t-shirt by just nine months will significantly reduce its carbon and water footprints too: to make one kilo of cotton -the equivalent of a pair of jeans – manufacturers use 10,000-20,000 litres of water and produce 23.2 kilos of CO2e.

The real cost of children's clothes:
Many children's clothes are financially cheap, but Jane has experienced their real cost. 
Her campaigning film exposed the use of child labour in factories creating products for a major British high street chain.
But while her work exposed the use of children in that factory, much of the social injustice she witnessed was perfectly legal and still goes on. 
The adult factory workers she interviewed typically worked 14 hours a day, with only one or two days off a month and still lived in extreme poverty. It was seeing this which made her feel so uncomfortable discarding perfectly good clothes which her little boy had simply grown out of. 

If you are interested in high cost garments, at a low price, the site can be viewed at

For more information contact Jane on +44 (0)7957 283 307 or

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