New fashion company unites thousands of brands to help online shoppers enjoy discovering the freshest clothes and accessories.

After months of testing, and access to major brands including River Island, House of Fraser, Ted Baker and many more, Loomit has officially launched its iOS and Android apps to the wider public. Loomit's Instagram-like feed for following the brands you love has already inspired thousands of users.

Loomit is connected to over 2,500 brands, so users can follow all their favourite labels in one place, and see new products and price drops as and when they happen.

Founder of Loomit, Ben Storey said, “The online fashion experience often makes it difficult to keep up with the brands we admire. We’re still faced with many different experiences, and having to search through thousands of items. Frankly, that’s not good enough, and we’re seeing that many online shoppers just aren’t enjoying themselves.”

“Instead, we believe fashion should be about the experiences of discovery and serendipity – the online version of rifling through the aisles of your favourite store and happening upon that perfect item. We’ve already seen thousands of users flock to our app, as we allow them to discover new items from their favourite brands at their own leisure. Our customers are spending more time exploring on Loomit, and we invite anyone who loves fashion to join in!”

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About Loomit Fashion Ltd.

Loomit Fashion Ltd is a London based company with a mission to make online fashion shopping enjoyable for absolutely everyone. The Loomit app is the company’s first launch, with huge buy-in from the industry and users alike.

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The fashion e-commerce experience is fragmented, boring and behind the times. Instead, we think online fashion shopping should be about the joy of discovery.

Loomit creates a Facebook-like feed for your fashion brands, where you can discover new items at your own leisure. We offer over 2,500 brands, allowing users to follow their favourite labels all in one place and seeing new collections and price drops as and when they happen.