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London's Live Music scene lives!!!

10 November 2016 16:30


London Live? Or Nightmare for the Night Czar?

Is music dead in London? Is there no hope for pubs, live venues and clubs? According to Graeme Wheatley, co-founder of the new club "Blue Sundays in De Hems", Soho, the pulse is still beating strong! At this great venue, customers can enjoy a different band every Sunday afternoon. At 3.00pm punters in the pub are enjoying live music over a late lunch and a pint. In California, Blues fans join the party over morning coffee (skinny latte of course). Meanwhile, nocturnal fans in Sydney tune in over a nightcap. Such is the "rave new world" for global music fans. Thanks to the latest evolution of Social Media, Facebook Live. And London is again at the centre.

We've all seen the recent news about Fabric closing and read that almost half of the UK's nightclubs have closed in recent years. In London, 5 pubs close every week and the spiritual home of musicians and songwriters, Tin Pan Alley, is fighting for survival. All doom and gloom?

Well, maybe not. Everyone involved in entertainment welcomes the appointment by Sadiq Khan of new Night Czar, Amy Lamé and wishes her well, but below the radar of a lot of people, there's also some grass roots good news.

Take one iconic London pub, De Hems Dutch Bar, in deepest Soho add a couple of London bands, Deep Blue Sea and Blues Engine and top up with 43,000 people. Yes. You read it right - 43,000 people. That's how many people tuned in across the world to their 3rd weekly gig "Blue Sundays in De Hems" via Facebook Live.

Streamed by London based blogger Paul Gray of "All About Blues Music" website - the 3rd show, featuring London band, Deep Blue Sea, attracted a world-wide audience of 43,000 people joining the packed house in Soho.

The club runs from 3.00pm every Sunday and at 5.00pm the band host a jam session til 7.00pm - anyone and everyone welcome! If you are lucky enough to live in the greatest city in the world - come on down. If not, tune in via Facebook Live - the whole world's invited., as London's live scene lives!

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