- 47% of Londoners said they were still stressed over 2 months after moving into their new house.

Several of London’s hottest startups have collaborated on an offering intended to make life easier for London’s first-time buyers. Recognising the stresses and difficulties that come with moving into your new property, the collective has today launched the Got Keys Home Movers Pack, a handful of goodies that will provide relief to London home movers who need a nice change from all that paperwork and heavy lifting.

By registering on the Got Keys website, home movers will receive a collection of exclusive deals aimed at making the first weeks in their new home that little bit more enjoyable. The concept was created by Max Mallows of 1ROOF, in collaboration with Boxman, Lavanda, Naked Wines, Deliveroo, Homejoy and Bloom & Wild.

Explaining the process, Mallows said, “We built 1ROOF around making home improvements simple, safe and exciting for many people that have never had to hire a professional for their home before.

“We often work with similarly-minded startups – companies that have built their businesses on making day-to-day living easier for their customers – and we thought that this would be a great way of working together with them on something that could bring even more benefit to our customers.

While each brand works in a different sector, collectively they cover off the various trials and tribulations of moving into your new home. 1ROOF will get your new place in structural order, Boxman offers on-demand storage, making sure that you don’t have to have a house cluttered with moving boxes, Lavanda can keep you in clean clothes during those first dusty weeks without a washing machine, Homejoy makes sure you’re not moving your furniture into a grubby mess, Bloom & Wild brings the freshness with the best flower-delivery service in London, while Deliveroo and Naked Wines make sure that the first picnic on the floor of your new living room is one to remember.

The offering is open to anyone within the London area who chooses to register on the website. It will run until June 30, 2015.

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