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Toulou Organics Skincare

London based Toulou Organics Skincare, officially launch new Hampstead based clinic, with an open day!

28 June 2018 11:51


SUMMER is here and legs are on show - and you can try virtually pain free hair removal at a salon's open evening.

Forget painful waxing and shaving, Toulou Organics Skincare and Natural Aesthetics will be demonstrating the latest technology in hair and skin tag removal on Sunday, July 15 - 3pm – 7pm

Guests will be welcomed at Toulou Organics in Finchley Road which will be running An Introduction to the Apilus Electrolysis Technology.
They can then experience the virtually pain free technology to remove unwanted hair and skin tags.

Models are needed for the demonstrations which take place at 3.30pm, 4.30pm and 5.30pm.

Anyone wishing to apply to be a model should contact the salon on 020 3784 0300.

Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis technology is able to treat all skin and hair colours effectively.

Professional electrogists are able to pinpoint precise and perfect settings to guarantee the results clients seek using Apilus' powerful and stable circuit.

People who are tired of skin tags, brown and black moles that occur on their face and neck can also check out the technology to give them smoother skin.
Toulou Organics will demonstrate how The Apilus New Technology – Advanced Cosmetics can remove the ‘DPN’ and seborrheic keratosis.

Clients who use the Apilus technology are provided with an aftercare gel to soothe the skin, created by Toulou Organics Skincare with ingredients including organic aloe vera, macadamia, carrot and lavender to assist in the rejuvenation of the skin.

There is street parking for guests and each time slot can hold up to six people.

For more information on the opening evening or Apilus technology, call 020 3784 0300 or visit

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About Toulou Organics Skincare

Toulou Organics Skincare source certified organic ingredients from around the globe. Where organic is not an option we use cold-pressed and wild-crafted ingredients. Why? Because they retain their vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals etc; after harvest.

Plants in their many guises: essential oils, fruit oils, vegetable oils and butters all contain therapeutic properties beneficial to the skin. Each plant has its own signature aroma, when blended together they omit beautiful aromas that stimulate your senses.

Our unique and exotic blends of crèmes, oils and butters, some of which have won awards are created for their nutritional and moisturising benefits that feed and ‘Enhance Your Skin Naturally’.

Toulou Organics Skincare values:

• We believe in certified organic, cold pressed and wild-crafted ingredients.

• Why? Because of their Therapeutic benefits to the skin, especially sensitive and ageing skin.

• Our strap line is ‘Enhance Your Skin Naturally’:

‘Enhance’ means to improve, increase, boost, enrich, heighten.

‘Naturally’ means by nature, happening or existing as part of nature, without artificial aid or treatment.

When you use Toulou Organics Skincare we believe you will enjoy the experience with noticeable results.

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