Web Summit is highly regarded as "the best technology conference on the planet” bringing the entire tech world together under one roof in Lisbon, Portugal for three revolutionary days from Tuesday 7th November to Thursday 9th November.
This year the event attracted over 60,000 visitors from Fortune 500 companies to ground-breaking start-ups to world-class speakers, and newly launched London based business, bCheeky App joined the innovative arena to showcase their new greetings and video app.

CEO and Founder, Roberto Gleria, landed with his team in Lisbon, Portugal for the tech event of the year, attended by over 60,000 visitors from over 170 countries. “From the moment we stepped off the plane, we could feel the excitement and the buzz. Registration for the summit was open in the airport so we immediately met with scores of like-minded people queuing for their wristbands alongside the bCheeky App team.”

Greetings and video app, bCheeky App successfully secured a stand at Web Summit within the Alpha programme, an initiative aimed at enterprising and innovative start-ups, providing them with the opportunity to showcase the cheeky mobile app and green greetings card solution to the world.

Heralded as ‘Glastonbury for Geeks’, the conference appeals to a wider global community extending to every industry and background that tech touches, from fashion, music, and recruitment to big data and AI.
The tech conference started as it meant to go on with the opening ceremony led by world-renowned British theoretical physicist, Steven Hawkins.

“We were amazed by the sheer size of the event,” say’s Roberto, “With over 1200 speakers, the quality and variety of information available was awe-inspiring and so intensive that you could immerse yourself in a single topic for hours on end. We especially enjoyed the discussions from ‘Creatiff’ and on ‘Content’ as they perfectly align with our company ethos; sharing positive content through tech.”

The event continued to deliver throughout with the closing speech firmly focused on the future, as former USA Vice President Al Gore took to the stage to outline his inspiring drive to create awareness of how technology will continue to shape all aspects of our lives.

bCheeky App is looking forward to returning to Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal next year!

bCheeky App is a free app and an easy way to send messages and greetings using funny and cheeky animated video's. User’s simply open the app, choose a video (we call them ‘cheeks’), select a contact in your phone, add a personal message and... job done!

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