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Lola Tech

Lola Tech Appoints New CEO, Ed Hodges, To Aid Product Development and Drive Growth

06 September 2017 09:15


Today enterprise travel software business Lola Tech announced the appointment of Ed Hodges as their new CEO. He succeeds Luke McNeice, who will be moving to the role of Chief Software Architect, embracing his 20 years of experience in this field.

Ed Hodges is well known in the banking and financial services industry for being an entrepreneurial digital transformation leader. He specialises in creating the digital strategy for businesses, then building the relevant teams and delivering the capability and channel to the customer. In his most recent post as Senior Program Director for Digital in Lloyds Banking Group's Corporate Banking Markets, he was responsible for facilitating the integration of FX and Money market systems into Corporate Banking Online.

Previously Hodges was the Digital Director at Vanquis Bank tasked with building the digital bank. Prior to that he set up the European division of InAuth, the US Mobile authentication and fraud prevention start-up, which sold to AMEX in 2016. He also worked with Tesco on their early mobile strategy, where he set up their mobile application development capability. He led the delivery of the first wave of Tesco’s apps including the successful iPhone Grocery and Clubcard apps.

Announcing Ed’s appointment, Luke McNeice said, “It's been a long search to find my replacement as ‘accidental CEO’, but the Board and I are delighted to announce that Ed Hodges has accepted to role of CEO at Lola Tech. Ed brings with him a proven track record with building products in and around the digital media, banking and e-commerce sector, along with a wealth of experience around the operational side of running successful businesses. His hard work ethic and dedication will be a great fit here at Lola Tech.”

Hodges added, “There’s a rich seam of talent and deep knowledge of travel technology at Lola Tech and I’m excited to be joining the team to help drive the growth of the business. Lola Tech will be building on its existing software platform to create new products and explore new opportunities within the travel sector.”

With his strong product background Ed will be focussed on developing R&D work, expanding the sales team, as well as driving the overall growth of the company.

For a full biography on Ed Hodges please visit LinkedIn:

About Lola Tech

Lola Tech is a pioneering software developer leading the field in travel tech innovation. With big-name clients across the world, it helps travel and tourism business become more competitive with stronger, more scalable systems and ground-breaking interfaces. Please visit for more information.

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About Lola Tech

Lola Tech is a company on a mission: to bring awesome software to the global travel industry through unconventional brilliance.

We are revolutionising the way the travel industry does business. We are a market-leader in using conversational interfaces to deliver a brilliantly innovative and inspiring customer experience. Having recently won a Marriott Hotels accelerator programme, Lola Tech has been widely recognised for its Dazzle product, an in-room concierge using voice AI. (

Travel is in our blood. We love to travel and we love that our technologies assist millions of people each year to explore the world for work and pleasure. Our talented team is adept at creating awesome systems and products to increase your uptime, conversion rates or provide you with that innovative edge to outshine out the competition.

Putting the user first. We are 100% user centric in our approach. Whether it’s guests, passengers, crew or team members, our products & solutions aren't just business requirements built in isolation. Our creations are built with our client’s wants and needs in mind, putting YOU at the forefront. We pride ourselves in our ability to integrate with our client teams. We all need to pull together and work for the product, not for each other, that way everyone wins.

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