Childhood obesity is an epidemic which has become more present than ever, with an estimated 1 in 10 under 10-year olds classed as clinically obese in the UK. Tamsin Brewis, local business owner and swimming expert, has teamed up with the APPG (the All-Party Parliamentary Group) and other sport and leisure industry experts to produce a report on the importance of Physical Activity in Early Childhood.

The report, published in the Daily Telegraph and presented at the Palace of Westminster on Tuesday 17th October, goes into detail of how the government, local authorities, voluntary organisations and businesses can work together to promote the importance of physical activity for the younger generation.

Tamsin, who has owned and operated Water Babies Bucks and Beds since 2004, worked with Water Babies to contribute much of the content in the report. Part of the report, titled ‘Physical Activity in the Early Years’ explains that swimming from a young age ‘delivers safety skills’ and ‘increased parental awareness and co-operation that will save children’s lives’ – as well as improving health and stamina.

“It’s so important that children are given the opportunity to exercise and have fun, at the same time. Nowadays, children are more inclined to pick up a smart phone than get outside with their friends. Weekly, structured classes are a great way to keep your child active and swimming, especially from a young age, is an incredible developmental tool. This report goes a long way to highlight the issues this country is facing when it comes to childhood obesity and as a real advocate of new-born and infant health, I’m very proud to have been included in this process,” said Tamsin.

The report was well received by MP’s and Ministers – including representatives from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, and Health and Education. With suggested actions including swimming teaching and training to form part of all early years and primary professional training with regular updates and grants/Sports Premium finance to be made available for transportation costs for school-based infant swimming opportunities, it may only be a matter of months before infant swimming becomes part of mainstream curriculum.

Reports of this kind often directly influence the actions of the government. With children of the UK spending less time engaging in physical exercise than the average prisoner, Tamsin and her team at Water Babies Bucks and Beds are taking action to make changes in our society.


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Image attached - Tamsin (and representatives from the APPG and Water Babies) with the report at the Palace of Westminster

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