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Impact Hub Westminster

Local Business to Join the Sustainable Fashion Debate

18 April 2017 14:15


What, Where and When: #CircularFashion: Identifying high-value solutions, at Westminster Impact Hub, 19th April, 6:30pm-9:30pm,

Local business influencers will come together to implement best practice in the fashion industry with an open discussion about the circular economy.

Tomorrow evening Impact Hub Westminster, a collaborative workspace for social entrepreneurs, will host an open discussion into the current sustainability issues facing the fashion industry. One of a number of networking events that the central London hub hosts, this Circular Fashion Event will aim to encourage thought and discussion within the industry.

Open to industry manufacturers and retailers, as well as policy makers and sustainability students, this practical workshop will introduce ideas and solutions into how we can go about making the fashion life cycle more sustainable. With a focus on the concept of the circular economy, attendees will work together to address how waste can be minimised within the industry.

Hosted by Mia Jafari, Head of Community & Programmes at Impact Hub Westminster and Anna Tari, Partnerships Manager at the Circular Economy Club (CEC), the workshop will discuss factors such as new fibres, recycling and repair as well looking at how we can create new models within the industry, in order to add value.

Shazia Mirza, Managing Director at Impact Hub Westminster says, "Tomorrow's event looks to be an encouraging evening in the future of fashion. One of many networking events that we host at Impact Hub Westminster, these workshops are a great example of how we can reach logical industry solutions through collaborative working."

Providing flexible access to co-working space, Westminster Impact Hub provides a supportive and collaborative environment for its members. Through hosting a programme of events such as this, the central London Hub provides a range of networking opportunities for these early stage organisations.

For further information please contact:

Camilla James- Marketing and Communications Manager at Impact Hub Westminster
T. +44 7853 071793


Impact Hub Westminster
Launched in 2011, Impact Hub Westminster is one of the largest of a global network of locally owned collaborative working spaces. Its primary aim is to support organisations with positive social and environmental impact at the heart of their missions. Impact Hub Westminster provides flexible access to co-working space, business support and curate a supportive, collaborative environment for these impact makers to grow and thrive.

Mia Jafari, Head of Community & Programmes at Impact Hub Westminster
Mia is a start-up entrepreneur and designer specialising in sustainable fashion ( She is also an accomplished program designer supporting social entrepreneurs and enterprises align their business with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Mia is passionate about co-creation, sustainable fashion and manufacturing, human centred design, experiential learning and developing strategic partnerships.

Anna Tari, Partnerships Manager at the Circular Economy Club (CEC)
CEC is a networking group that gathers designers, engineers, economists and strategists who are resetting the world standards. CEC spurs investment to the circular economy by connecting circular economy professionals and investors.

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About Impact Hub Westminster

Impact Hub Westminster is one of the largest spaces for social innovation, civic services and charitable organisations in Europe.

We provide flexible access to co-working space and curate a supportive, collaborative environment for impact makers to grow and thrive. Early stage organisations struggle to survive in isolation. That’s why our environment and services are designed to incubate the development of our members through collaboration and support.

We are also the home of a continuous flow of brilliant events and programmes, hosted in our beautiful events spaces.

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