Britain is a nation of chocolate eaters and, according to research, we get through around 605 tonnes of the sugary snack, every single year – the equivalent in weight of 78 double decker buses! In Banbury, temptation to partake in one of the nation’s favourite snacks is even higher, with the infamous Barry Callebaut factory producing tonnes of the stuff – meaning residents can’t even escape the smell! One local business has taken a pledge to give up the tempting snack for one month – and all for a great cause.

Tamsin Brewis and the office team at Water Babies Bucks and Beds, on Middleton Road, have joined the group of dedicated people up and down the country taking part in ‘Dechox’. This annual campaign, from the British Heart Foundation, raised more than £1million last year.

In order to raise as much money as they can for this deserving and life changing charity, the team have put a few (rather underhand!) processes in place:

“We’ve really gone all out to tempt each other to ‘fall off the wagon’. Instead of asking parents and our friends and family to sponsor us to give up chocolate, we’re going to put a donation in the ‘chocolate jar’ every time someone sneaks a snack. We’ve even put a huge hamper in the office, which is full of chocolate, to encourage people to sneak some treats when they think no one’s looking! We’ve got all of our friends and family on board – they’re on ‘chocolate watch’ – and we’re all giving up crisps too!” Said Tamsin.

Water Babies Bucks and Beds, who teach local new-borns, toddlers and pre-schoolers to swim, are passionate about supporting the British Heart Foundation. With approximately 160,000 fatalities in the UK every year, due to heart disease, and with around twelve babies born with heart defects every day, this is a cause that Tamsin and her team feel proud to support.

“We will help in any way that we can. Taking part in ‘Dechox’ and giving up our favourite treats is going to be hard work but it’s all for an incredible cause. I can almost guarantee that none of us will manage to last the 31 days and we can donate lots of money.”

Image attached – Tamsin Brewis with the office team (L-R Eve Tetlow, Tamsin, Jamie Greer, Elizabeth Brownlow and Claire Dummer)
Further image available - a photo of the chocolate hamper
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