Live Storytelling with Music for one night only on January 29th at 7.30pm for Adults and older children

Three tales to tickle your funny bone, send shivers up your spine, and then warm your heart up all over again. Evil is finally defeated after some fairly grim set-backs, dreams come true, a horse holds its tongue for just a bit too long, a girl summons the elements and some very plucky mice battle against the odds.

Prepare for an evening of unexpected twists, animal allies, and hanging on to the very end. Nothing is as it seems in the company of masterful storytellers Dawn Ellis, Danny Scheinmann and Lucy Lill, with musicians Tom Morley and Beatrice Leadbetter.

Live Storytelling has been having a noticeable renaissance. We’re talking non-digital, immediate, face to face, adult and edgy - the oral tradition that’s been around for 5000 years. It’s become a ‘thing’, from Spoken Word events to poetry performances and traditional storytelling.

National Storytelling Week has been going for 18 years, drawing people in to experience the power, richness and sheer entertainment value of the ancient tradition of live Storytelling.This year it runs from 27th January to 3rd February. Stories of all flavours will be holding us spellbound in clubs, theatres, museums, schools and hospitals.

“A poet's language, voice of a great stage actress, gestures of a mime, images sharp and clear, unforgettable as in a haiku: a dream world with a transgressive ending that went to the heart of each person in a packed house - Tom's rhythms setting up a trance-like mood from the start.”

Listing Details

Demons and Dreamers devised by Dawn Ellis and the Company
29th January at 7:30pm
The Bread and Roses Theatre, 68 Clapham Manor Street, SW4 6DZ Clapham, London
Tickets £8 I Concessions £5
Running Time: 80-90 minutes with no interval

The Bread & Roses Theatre and Company

The Bread & Roses Theatre is a 40- to 60-seat award-winning and innovative fringe theatre above The Bread & Roses Pub in Clapham, which programs a wide-spread variety of productions for local as well as far-reaching audiences. Equality, diversity and artistic quality are at the forefront of the theatre's programming, which features in-house productions as well as many visiting companies. The theatre was launched in November 2014 and is managed by The Bread & Roses Theatre Company who had been using an upstairs function room at the pub since 2012, which was eventually converted into the theatre. The company has been producing short play night The Platform since 2012 and after launching the theatre went on to produce 5 star reviewed productions of 'Miss Julie' in 2015 and 'Low Level Panic' in 2016.

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