Lingerie loved by burlesque dancers
A mother turns medical stockings into erotic industry hit
Ella Vine, a mother from Essex who invented special suspender belts to help her wearing medical stockings post-thrombosis was surprised to see burlesque performers from across the country wearing her invention.
Ella, 32, had to wear medical stockings for the last 12 years, following thrombosis. She was struggling with attaching stockings to a suspender belt so she invented a poppy fastening, which now helps not only her, but women across the world. This genius invention makes their lives easier and saucier as the fastening in the poppy suspenders, a simple popper, replaces the traditional fastening and makes it easier and quicker to attach stockings to it. Now, you can just clip and go – no fuss, no sweat, no torn nylon and no late arrivals at dates.
Ella created a lingerie brand named Ella Vine who holds the design rights for the invention and is making it a mainstream lingerie and hosiery product. The products are flying off the shelves and are loved by burlesque dancers. One of this erotic dance performers, Lady May J, who performed in poppy suspenders on 20th October in Andover, said: ‘’I cannot believe how such a simple item as the poppy stockings can be so effective. Without them I could never use suspenders or stockings in my routines’’.
The poppy suspenders enabled burlesque performers to wear them on stage. The traditional fastening was too time-consuming and too fiddly for burlesque dancers attempting to wear and take them off on stage. Khandie Khisses, one of UK’s top 20 burlesque performers said: ‘’In burlesque you are always looking for new and novel ways to help with the tease of your performance, this marvel from Ella Vine lingerie has provided an ingenious way to help us. In our day to day stocking wearing, who doesn’t love a garment that makes it easier to be a sassy hosiery wearer?’’.
Geeta von Tease, British top burlesque performers, said: ‘’I’m very happy to support this extremely clever and entrepreneurial idea and especially like the fact that the suspender belt could be worn by women who would usually struggle to wear stockings and suspenders because of a disability like arthritis of the hands’’.
The poppy suspenders are also popular among burlesque teachers. Lady Blue Phoenix, burlesque teacher and performer from Essex said: ‘’I and my colleagues think that this will change the burlesque world. It will open up a door to wear different types of stockings and we will know they are more secure and will stay in place’’.
Ella explains how she has created the brand and the innovative products: ‘’I have to wear compression hosiery for medical reasons and invented poppy suspenders simply because the traditional fastening was too difficult and it took too long to attach stockings to a suspender belt. I wanted to help not only myself, but also other women. That’s how Ella Vine brand was born. Now we ship our products worldwide.’’
Since the opening of the online store the poppy products are available in brick and mortar boutiques in the UK and will be soon available in other countries. The luxurious products were worn by all finalists of Miss Poland in the UK and Northern Ireland 2017. And it’s not just the poppy fastening – the designs are beautiful, too!

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