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The Just Loans Group PLC

“Lenders have a responsibility to do more than just provide finance” says Alternative Finance provider Just Loans

10 May 2018 15:45


Alternative Finance provider Just Loans has welcomed yesterday’s commitment from the British Business Bank to provide financial advice to businesses that need it.

Commenting on yesterday’s Treasury Select Committee evidence, which saw British Business Bank (BBB) CEO Keith Morgan talk about the BBB’s finance guide, John Davies, Director, Just Cash Flow PLC, said: “We have always believed that lenders have a responsibility to do more than just provide finance. Yesterday’s evidence highlights a trend we see in our business, which shows there is a significant gap in financial and business knowledge for those already in and those starting out in business.

John feels that it is the duty of the finance industry as a whole to support these early stage businesses.

During the evidence session the British Business Bank CEO also spoke about a new initiative they are launching, called Finance your Growth, to provide additional advice for businesses.


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About The Just Loans Group PLC

The Group entered the UK alternative finance sector in 2012 with the aim of provoding a real alternative to Business Banking and has built a robust, scalable, Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliant process for on boarding Corporate Borrowers in the UK and eventually Europe. This has been achieved through increasingly using FinTech to streamline the application process and deliver exceptional customer experience.
The Just Loans Group is the parent company of the award winning Just Cash Flow PLC which specialises in providing revolving cash facilities to SMEs to assist with smoothing the peaks and troughs of working capital.
The Just Loans Group is the first alternative commercial lender to be a Professional Associate Member of the British Banking Association.

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