Business Enterprise Fund (BEF) client BPM Bike Lab have launched a charity challenge where their members take part in as many fitness classes as possible to raise money for Welcome to Yorkshire’s “Bike Libraries Scheme”, which is supported by Leeds-based Yorkshire Bank.

The initiatives aim is to provide a bike to every child in Yorkshire. Ama Butler of Welcome to Yorkshire helped co-ordinate the project.
“BPM are one of our Donation Stations, where people can drop off their old bikes. We’re delighted that they wanted to raise awareness about our scheme and have been keen to share information about us in their event.” she said.

Collaboration is key in raising money and awareness for the cause. BPM have partnered with several local businesses such as the Botanist and fellow BEF client Nourish Healthy Fast Food. Partners have donated to the prize draw for the fitness fanatics who build up points by completing exercise regimes.

“Our core principles of health and nutrition aligned well with BPM and the Bike Libraries scheme.” said Eve Eastwood of Nourish.
“By supporting local businesses, you're ensuring that your money is staying in the local economy and going towards developing our communities, allowing Leeds to continue to grow as a vibrant, supportive city." 

“We’re wanting to raise as much as we can for the cause” said Jen Edwards Roberts, co-owner of BPM.

“Health and wellbeing is very close to my heart and it’s a pleasure to work closely with other Leeds businesses to encourage active lives for all children in Yorkshire.”

BPM Bike Lab offer spinning sessions, gym membership, yoga classes and health and wellbeing services. Plans to expand their offering are happening, with an event on Mindfulness being held on the 14th May.

“Our aim isn’t just to create a space for fitness, but in our ‘Zen Lab’ we highlight the importance of mental health. We’re looking to partner with the NHS and offer a holistic service from help with obesity and diabetes to people suffering depression. It’s something very close to my heart” Jen said.

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