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Lazy students? Not these student entrepreneurs!

29 February 2016 12:30


The stereotypical lazy student has been nowhere to be seen these past two weekends for The team have had exhibition stalls at two major student enterprise events, meeting hundreds of other hard-working student entrepreneurs and hearing their inspiring stories.

At NACUE’s Student Enterprise Conference held at UCL in London (20-21st February), students from all across the country came together to meet other like minded individuals and hear motivational speakers. This was also the case at the What Next? conference (27th February) in Manchester, organised by Manchester Entrepreneurs Society.

Both these events were a great celebration of the thriving student enterprise movement within universities. Students gave up their precious weekends to attend both these events and there wasn’t a disappointed student to be found. Athena Liu, a first year Accounting and Finance student from the University of Southampton said, " gave me some great advice about being an entrepreneur. I went away from the weekend more motivated than ever!"

CEO Martin Hedley was thrilled to be able to show fellow students the Skills Connect section of the website and how it facilitates students finding other students with specific skills sets so they can collaborate on projects or create their own start-ups together. Every entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur understood the importance of creating a great team around them. Dorota Filipczuk, a fourth year MEng Software Engineering student at the University of Southampton, “The SEC was an inspirational weekend. team were really helpful and the Skills Connect part of their website will be very useful to me as an aspiring entrepreneur.”

Attendees were enthusiastic about the website and how Skills Connect can help them, with many signing up to the site on the spot! Martin said, “It was mutually inspiring to meet so many other student entrepreneurs, especially knowing how much our website can help them on their journey.” team also received great interest in their “Test It” award. Backed by Unltd, the award allows the team to fund and mentor another student entrepreneur involved in a social enterprise with £500.

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