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Predella House

Launching Online Gallery

16 October 2015 10:45


Online Art Company specialising in curating art for the culturally curious.

Predella House serves a unique market. Through embracing both experienced collectors and newcomers who may have limited previous knowledge of investing in art, we wish to break down traditional barriers and enable the entire sector to become easily accessible to all.

Predella House’s founder is Katrina Aleksa. Katrina is a fine art specialist with a vision to introduce her gallery to first time buyers; those who do not have background experience in the art market or a history of art. The objective is to provide them with the capacity to purchase art without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed by the process of buying from a gallery. Katrina believes that providing such a luxury online shopping experience creates a unique opportunity to attract customers via social media.

The value of the online art market has risen from £1 billion in 2013 to an estimated £2.6 billion this year. This particular sector of the art market is increasing with a 19% growth rate. The awareness on social media platforms is now far more relevant, as sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are taking part in online sales and following in the footsteps of Facebook. The art market thrives on interest and debate, not only amongst dealers and collectors but also with critics, curators, artists and art enthusiasts. In this way social media naturally aligns itself with the core structure of the art world and market ecosystem. Very few curators and auction houses have been both gatekeepers and trendsetters. Katrina Aleksa is determined to open the doors to this through social media thereby making art more accessible through Predella House by creating workshops and seminars for customers to join and engage with.

Predella House is a small start up business based in London, currently thriving from hard work. As an all female self-employed team, Predella House is looking to push boundaries as young female entrepreneur team. Katrina Aleska is a proud, modern example of a European Citizen. Born in Latvia, she has lived, studied and worked across the UK, Italy and Spain by the time she was just 20. Katrina has an infectious passion for all things art, having studied at the world renowned Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. She has provided fine art consultation and brokered fine art deals for a number of years. Katrina now travels and consults art across the world with contacts from California to New York, to Asia to Sydney, not forgetting her European roots.

Our next seminar will be held in Embassy Gardens on 5th November and we are looking forward to pop up exhibitions to promote artists over the coming months.

The link to the seminar:
Link to our Blog :
Website: (launching in 30 days! Yay!)

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About Predella House

Curated art and photography for the culturally curious.

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