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Executive & Personal Assistants Association

Launch of new national body for British EAs and PAs

08 March 2016 08:30


We are thrilled to announce the launch of EPAA (Executive Personal Assistants Association).

EPAA was founded by former multi-award winning Executive Assistant and now EPAA CEO, Victoria Darragh. Over the last 8 years, Victoria has been leading in developing PA networks, advising companies on their PA retention and has travelled the world speaking at some of the most pivotal EA/PA conferences and events.

The Association was officially registered in December 2014, with an event launch taking place in January 2016, at The Bloomsbury Hotel in London.

For the future of this demanding and passionate profession, a group of Executive and Personal Assistants from across the UK, came together on more than one occasion during 2014 and 2015 to shape and create EPAA. This created some of the most extraordinary work and ideas that this profession has ever see.

There has been extraordinary commitment and dedication to the creation of EPAA and this will be felt by generations of Assistants to come.

This profession has been waiting for EPAA to arrive as the association offers EAs and PAs the best possible instruction when it comes to career qualifications and guidance. To ensure our proposition is compelling, we are offering the profession training and coaching, qualifications, events and an amazing network of likeminded and professional EAs / PAs.

Please go to to find out more.

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About Executive & Personal Assistants Association

Executive & Personal Assistants Association, a new professional body for Executive & Personal Assistants across Great Britain! Our CEO @VictoriaDarragh

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