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Latherly the Amazing Luxury Lathering Shower Brand launches at 2014 Springfair

04 February 2014 11:24


Latherly has been in development since 2012 and we are excited to finally launch the product and brand at the Springfair. We invite you to come and try out the Amazing EXTRA Lathering "Gel to Foam" shower product. The Latherly Shower Experience is gentle on your skin, with high quality ingredients added and unnecessary ingredients left out, so that your skin feels clean and smooth after showering. The product lathers extremely well, making showering more enjoyable and also easier.
Latherly is targeted at both men and women because we know that you all share products in the bathroom. Latherly only has a light dosage of a subtle and gentle fragrance, which our research proved appealing to both men and women.
The packaging has been carefully designed to appeal to both sexes with colours that are gender neutral, a modern and also minimal look with some of the unique brand claims clearly visible on the front of the pack. “We didn’t want the brand to be too clinical or serious and opted for a name, which represents what the product does but also adds a fun and quirky element to the brand."
We invite you to come and have a look, feel, smell, test of the unique gel to foam product at our Springfair stand Hall 20 Stand B34. We hope that as many people as possible can share the enjoyment of a Luxury Lathering Shower Experience by Latherly.
For more information, please visit or or Twitter @latherly

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We make gel to foam shower gels for bath and body

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