At we have had many unusual requests

We supply high-quality coffins, direct to the public at significantly better prices than funeral directors. We supply a complete range of different coffin types from Traditional, American Caskets, Eco coffins, and Cardboard.
We often get asked to design specific themed and one-off coffins’ to suit someone’s personality. Since we started years ago we have done some really interesting designs, Shark theme, Bakewell tart, and Wild Woodlands and many others
Recently, we were contacted by Sameera in Manchester who was looking for something for her mother, Hazel – who is still with us by the way.

Hazel smokes, in fact, smokes quite a lot. Her favourite brand comes in a gold packet.
Sameera designed the coffin and is being made by one of quality suppliers
When we help a family design a coffin with a particular theme that is linked to a commercial company we always ask permission to use their banding. This has usually been a formality, football teams, biscuit companies are usually quite happy to oblige and this makes a family happy at often what is a really unhappy time.

This time, however, the company involved was not happy to be associated with a funeral. We explained that we didn’t think there was such a thing as bad publicity, but they weren’t seeing it that way. Anyway we have not copied too closely the design and changed the branding a bit
The coffin will be made when it’s eventually needed and it will be cremated. We are also going to make a scatter tube to look like an individual cigarette so that ashes can be scattered at a location of the family’s choosing.
We are hoping this may help Hazel give up her hobby and she won’t need the coffin for quite a while.

Both Steven from, Sameera and Hazel are available for comment, and high-resolution images are available.
Best Regards

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ComparetheCoffin.Com Changing the way the UK plans and organise Funerals – One Coffin at a Time
With price inflation and wages and pensions stagnating, it's not just the cost of Living that's rocketing upwards. Dying is becoming increasingly expensive too.
Research carried out by Mintel on behalf of Sun Life Direct shows that funeral costs and cost of dying rose to an average of £7,248 in 2011. Worryingly, more than half the people questioned during the survey thought it would be much less. Using, Coffin Shop and Planning tools can help you get the best value possible.
It's widely predicted that the cost is going to keep rocketing upwards, currently 6.7% per year, so it really makes sense to plan now. The more you think about your funeral, the less your loved ones will have to when the time comes. started by Steven Mitchell in his bedroom/office in London after having experienced his first involvement with organising a funeral.

The 3 key points I learnt – Steven says;

“1. Unless you have a definite plan the funeral director tends to take over and you end up with their plan instead of yours”
“2. The coffins seem quite expensive for what they are (mark-up is between 300% – 600% on the wholesale prices).”
“3. How do you choose a Funeral director anyway ??”

Armed with these conclusions Steven built, with a Coffin Shop, and Free Planning tools
Firstly to make a Future funeral plan for yourself
or secondly to make an Immediate plan to organise a funeral you need now or imminently.

The Immediate plan gets sent to over 400 registered funeral directors, those who wish contact the customer directly offering their services and the user can decide which one to use, a sort of an e-Bidding platform but the decision should not be made on cost alone, but the best fit for the person and family. has no favourites, it only needs to know where to send the coffin!

The planning forms are very comprehensive and ask questions that a lot of people would not have thought of. E.g. Do you want music playing while your body is prepared? Who do you NOT want to come to your funeral? How do you want your mouth secured?
When organising a funeral less 1 in 10 of people ever speak to more than one funeral director (from the 2011 Cost of Dying Survey carried out by Mintel) – and people aren’t in the mood to discuss money and also they don’t want to appear cheap. “Nothing’s too good for my mum/dad/nan! etc ”
So comparing is hard, makes it easy.

After the funerals are completed Comparethecoffin sends the customer a feedback form to collect information both on the coffin and the service they received from their chosen funeral director, the funeral director is informed this will be happening!

The best aspect for Steven is, “it’s a privilege to help people when they really need it, with clear impartial, emotion neutral advice and ensuring they get the best possible value funeral plan and coffin.”