KOMPAS has won the fight to be selected as one of the companies invited to the Hello Tomorrow conference in Paris, France, talking about the future of mobility within Artificial Intelligence. This comes, after recently securing a commercial partnership with Visa, and winning €50,000 in the annual Visa Everywhere Initiative. Their co-founder and CEO Tom Charman has also been recently shortlisted for the Future Face of Innovation and Technology.

This year saw a record number of applications to the Hello Tomorrow conference Deep- Tech Challenge, a competition aiming to highlight the top 500 deep technology companies from around the world. Companies operating in industries from the Environment to Mobility and Aerospace were all considered, with 500 going on to represent their industry. One company will go on to win the cash prize at the conference later this year.

The CEO of KOMPAS, Tom Charman, said “I believe that KOMPAS was selected, as we’re doing everything we can to disrupt the travel and mobility space, by putting personalisation at the crux of everything that we do. We believe that creating a seamless travel experience is the only possible solution, to the problems people face when exploring the world”.

KOMPAS was established in 2015, after the founding team realized that there was a huge opportunity in the market, believing that the market had lost touch with their customers, who were placing an increasing demand on tailored, and personalized experiences. Since then, they’ve got on to raise a round of angel investment, and have won multiple awards for their innovation in travel and technology, with all of the founding team recently being highlighted as ones to watch by

The Hello Tomorrow conference is run yearly, and 41% of the 500 companies selected are university spin-offs, with MIT being represented the most this year. 41 of these start-ups this year are from the UK, making it the city with the highest proportion of top 500 startups, but the US takes the prize for most represented country, with 97 of the 500 startups coming from the United States. On average, 62% of the companies selected have secured patents on their technology and solutions, and have raised an average of $534,000.


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KOMPAS is a dependable city exploration companion that uses smart algorithms to personalise content to each individual user based on their interests. We present relevant reviews and a hassle free way of getting around the city. You can customise your journey in a way that suits exactly what you want to do. Find unique, relevant and undiscovered locations in your own back yard. Street art, underground jazz bars and much more is just waiting to be found. We're able to scale in any city, in short, intense periods of time, by producing unique, relevant and unique content.