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Kimichi School

Kimichi School "Doesn't Stop the Music!"

25 November 2014 12:15


Kimichi School is opening its doors on the 6th December from 11am to 3 pm to anyone wishing to see what an alternative form of education can and does look like. Disillusioned with teaching in schools where "music is almost an afterthought", Headteacher Sally Alexander was inspired to open a school where every child must learn an instrument. Long before "Don't Stop the Music" made headlines with its premise that music should be for everyone, that ethos was firmly ensconced in Kimichi School, and governors were working hard to becoming registered with the Department for Education. Unlike other such specialist music schools, there is no audition process and all children are welcome to apply. Sally emphasizes her schools' inclusive ethos, which stems from a desire to provide an education where music is very much in the foreground. This isn't a school just for musical prodigies, but rather a school for any child who plays or would like to play an instrument. Put "music", "instrument" "benefit" into any search engine, and you'd need a week to plough through the articles that come up.
Not only that, but Sally is keen to move away from the corporate, anonymous juggernauts that are many of today's schools, and back towards a small, inclusive, friendly environment, where the emphasis is on the individual child, and classes are sized appropriately to make that manageable. Pupils are very much included in the day to day running of the school, and given a real sense of ownership.
Whilst the school is Independent, the aim is to provide the high quality of education you would expect from a private school at less cost. The school is actively pursuing funding to support less well-off pupils; the musical resources are in place, but funding is needed to make sure that "music education should be a right, not a privilege" (Don't Stop the Music). Sally also points out that the school has the potential to save parents quite a bit on fees which they would otherwise be paying for private music lessons.
The school has won support from many accomplished musicians, including Dante Quartet and CBSO 'cellist Richard Jenkinson who sits on the board of trustees, as well as the supremely talented Peter Donohoe, who readily agreed to give up his time and perform with Friends of Kimichi in an exciting, and free concert event that took place on the 6th September.
To fully appreciate the very special ethos running through the school, the governors are holding an Open Day that is exactly that; open to anyone at all interested in seeing what the school has to offer: to pupils, families, the community and to music education in the West Midlands.
For further information, please contact Sally Alexander or 0121 679 5298, or she encourages people to just turn up on the day and have a look for themselves.

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About Kimichi School

We have started Birmingham's first independent specialist music school. Aimed at secondary pupils who either wish to make it a career or those who simply enjoy it for it's own sake. Music is so beneficial in so many ways; has been proven to enhance the brain, teaches discipline, teamwork, leadership and is too often on the back burner in education. We aim to challenge that, and also offer small, friendly class environments with fifteen children in a class and real responsibilities handed over to pupils.

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