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Kickstarter Campaign Supporting Creativity in Schools & at Home

09 February 2016 11:00


U-nu is an eco-friendly creative construction toy currently raising funds on kickstarter. The aim of the project is to ease the burden on school budgets by encouraging community minded members of the public to pledge money to the campaign and nominate a school to receive a highly sought after educational resource.

The construction set is endorsed by childcare professionals who sight it's unique properties in the video accompanying the campaign. Children explore the connectivity of each hand finished piece, quickly building large structures that present opportunities to investigate maths and physics while enjoying the satisfying aesthetic nature of u-nu.

Originally designed for preschools, u-nu is also used in primary schools to support the learning of children up to the age of seven. Teenagers will enjoy the challenge of building ever more complex structures with u-nu, whilst adults with a fondness for construction toys will want to acquire sets for themselves. It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 months old or an octogenarian – people of every age will unleash their creativity with u-nu.

Find out more about this innovative new toy at

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David Veron

CEO & Creator

Tel: 07769113769



A brand new construction toy, hand finished from a sustainable source, eco friendly, (no plastic here!) created by an artist and nursery owner, for genius kids.

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