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Salutem Health

Keeping Your Workforce Well at The Great British Business Show 2017

15 May 2017 07:15


Retention, Talent Management and Productivity are THE top 3 challenges for today’s business owners and HR managers.

The biggest threat to all 3 of these is your employees’ Workplace Behavioural Health – from stress to more serious issues, such as compulsive behaviour, addiction and mental health.

Our expert, Richard Renson, will be one of the opening speakers at the show, and will cover what to do when things go wrong, how to create a culture where things go right, and share insights from the industry.

Richard has vast experience working with people seeking recovery from addiction, trauma and behavioural health issues. As a specialist in Workplace Intervention, Addiction, Trauma and Compulsive Behaviour Recovery, supporting transport and other safety-critical industries, Richard enables change, helping many individuals recover to find a new quality of life which they richly deserve and now turns his talent to helping organisations solve this part of the people puzzle in the workplace.

Richard was formerly the Learning and Development Specialist for Healthcare at Priory Group. Richard researched, designed, and presented training for clinical, and non-clinical team members across the company.

Since then, Richard has worked with many organisations and individuals including the RSA, National Treatment Agency, supporting several Lords APPGs, two Brighton and Hove MPs.

Richard now leads Service Development for Salutem Health, a pioneering new organisation centred on Workplace Behavioural Health.

Celebrating its 17th year, the Great British Business Show attracts more than 25,000 businesses who attend with the primary agenda of improving and expanding their business, and to anybody who has attended the show it will come as no surprise that it's now the fastest growing business show in Europe.

The talk will take place at 11am on 17th May, in Seminar Room 12A and you can book your free ticket at

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Laura Morrison

Head of Relationships

Tel: 07583 008320


About Salutem Health

Salutem Health;
An organisation designed to help Workplace Behavioural Health

Salutem Health ( has been created by Ian Young, the Founder of Sober Services, to improve Workplace Behavioural Health.
Many professionals struggle with the stress, dependency and various other issues in a workplace. Through their work in Sober Services, Salutem Health identified a need to provide specialised consultation, training and advisory services to organisations to address this requirement.

The aims of Salutem Health are to supporting identification, prevention and education for employers and employees, on behavioural issues in the workplace. This extends to supporting active case management, and where appropriate and agreed with the employer, making a seamless referral to Sober Services. At Sober services, they tailor the appropriate treatment for the employee’s situation; whether it is an intervention, detox, or one-to-one coaching, to support the individual towards healthy living and successful sobriety.

People experience highs and lows for many reasons, at all levels of their professional careers. For your organisation and long-term growth, your employees are the greatest asset you have. Your employees are your best investment, so ultimately it is a necessity to ensure the staff’s wellbeing is a priority.

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