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Keep kids social and limit social media before bedtime

29 June 2018 15:00


Limiting access to social media before bedtime is essential for their ability to have a good nights sleep, according to award winning children’s bedding manufacturer Forivor.

With the end of June coinciding with Social Media Day, co-founders Alice Ruby Ross and Rebecca Attwood want to stress the importance of sleep for children.

Rebecca said: “Sleep is vital to a child’s development, and with the rise in popularity of social media and smartphones many kids are now laying in bed using these platforms as they fall asleep."

“We want to let kids be kids, and to let their imaginations wander through storytelling," comments Rebecca.

Forivor’s bedding features a unique hand-drawn illustration on each side. One side depicts a British woodland, and the other reveals a transformed nighttime world.

Their set of duvets and blankets are accompanied by a set of character cards to inspire interest in the natural world.

The business, which was recognised at the Smallish Design Awards in 2016, uses organic cotton as the base for their products.


For more information contact Rebecca Monserat on or call 07811 461 231.
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