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Julia Roberts' foolish no shoes red carpet walk

13 May 2016 10:45


Vanity Fair reported yesterday that Julia Roberts walked down the Cannes red carpet barefooted.

What Vanity Fair described as a "blatant act of fashion rebellion" is not something to be recommended. According to an article on Foot Solutions' website (a health and wellness franchise, focusing on foot care and properly fitting shoes), there are many dangers associated with not wearing footwear. Amongst these: "warts, ingrown toenails, spots, calluses, corns..".

Treading on something sharp can be painful, and risk a horrible infection. Even if Roberts just had a small cut or scrape on the soles of her feet, getting dirt in that cut could cause damage. Imagine what the other celebrities could be walking on to the red carpet on their shoe soles.

Feet can be beautiful, and I don't advocate covering up for aesthetic reasons. All I'm asking is that you look after your most useful body part, as a thank you for carrying your body around all of your life.

In an earlier photograph from this year's Cannes, Julia Roberts was wearing high heels. The mystery remains as to whether she removed them due to discomfort, or as a protest against last year's flat shoe ban at the event.

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