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JournoLink, Womens 1st and Plooms join forces

24 February 2015 15:08


By coming together in a collaboration, Journolink, Women 1st and UK fountain pen company Plooms are encouraging businesswomen to use their own, unique stories to help promote themselves and their business. This new campaign will focus on the idea to ‘be your own business card’; giving entrepreneurs a new appeal by telling the world just why they do what they do.

As PR specialists, Journolink are working with Women 1st to share the unique stories of entrepreneurs, such as Plooms’ Sally Page. They want female business owners to make themselves more unique in their market; promoting the idea to ‘be your own business card.’ By sharing insights into the personal inspirations and backgrounds that brought about their business idea, these female-led companies can better stand out to potential customers. Encouraging more confidence in the personal stories of women entrepreneurs will, in turn, ensure customers have more confidence in the products of these businesses.

Gemma Guise, MD at Journolink, had this to say. “It's important to be memorable; creating a story will help that. At Journolink we encourage all our clients to be confident sharing their unique story. We promote the idea of being your own business card.” Nothing shows this better than the story of Sally Page, who founded Plooms to inspire renewed use of fountain pens and a return to more personal, memorable messaging. Stories like these, Journolink say, will make your company as recognisable as a person’s handwriting.

Journolink, Women 1st and Plooms are keen on supporting a rise in female-led business. It is hoped that the ‘be your own business card’ collaboration will bring about more success for new businesses. This collaboration believes that the unique stories that brought about the needs and ideas and inspired a business are seen as a valuable insight for building successful business.

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About JournoLink

JournoLink bridges the gap between businesses and the media; using the online platform businesses can connect with journalists, broadcasters and bloggers through news, editorial requests and events.

Founded in 2014 the platform was created by Peter Ibbetson, Gemma Guise and broadcast journalist Tetteh Kofi.

Combining Peter’s experience in the small business market, with daughter Gemma’s PR skills and Tetteh's knowledge of the media industry, they were able to create an all-in-one solution for businesses who want to get in front of the media and journalists who struggle to find new and exciting business stories, case studies and opinions.

In 2015 Gemma Guise was listed as one of the top women to watch in the Media and Journalist category of the We Are The City annual awards. In the following year JournoLink was listed at the prestigious Real Business/Everline Awards ceremony, as one of the Future 50 businesses to watch in disrupting their industries.

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