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PR and Marketing company FP Comms and Journo Resources, the most valuable resource out there for new journalists, join forces to support the journalistic landscape.

The partnership is a bringing together of two organisations that nurture and values the premise of ethics, honesty, and equality within the Journalist and Public Relations space.

FP Comms’ mandate is to provide a healthy, transparent, positive company that serves businesses and entrepreneurs who have a desire to build, strong and sustainable leading businesses for generations to come. However, the company also wants to be part of the conversation within the PR and Marketing sphere, which promotes best practice of honesty, transparency and no spin within the sector. FP Comms' client-list ultimately means that they work with an array of media from local to international, sector-specific to culture-specific.

Journo Resources, which has recently been shortlisted for prestigious Georgina Henry Award, aims to help young people into the industry with free and practical tools such as data on pay rates and constructive advice.

Jem Collins, Founder and Editor in Chief said: “We’re thrilled to be able to partner with FP Comms, who really share our visions and ethics. Journalism really needs to reflect the society it represents, and that’s what we’re committed to doing - helping those at a disadvantage break-in. It’s so refreshing to be able to work with a PR company that really share our visions and is committed to fresh, original stories.”

Nicola Millington, Founder of FP Comms said: “The first rule of any successful partnership is a positive relationship. From the first moment I met Jem, I loved her vision and drive for Journo Resource, particularly where it comes to fair pay for emerging journalistic talent. As businesses, our ethics are synchronised and therefore, supporting Journo Resources makes sense to me from both a business point of view in the short run, but also from an industry point of view for generations to come.”

FP Comms is currently the supporter of the Freelance Rates section of Journo Resources, so together they aim to communicate and demystify the relationship issues faced between agencies and journalists.

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Georgina Henry Award - http://womeninjournalism.co.uk/shortlist-for-georgina-henry-award-announced/
Supporters' link - http://www.journoresources.org.uk/freelance-rates/
FP Comms - http://www.fpcomms.co.uk
Journo Resources - http://www.journoresources.org.uk/

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