‘Joie De Vivre’

A magical evening of entertainment, art, music, culture and cutting edge couture

7PM, 3rd DECEMBER 2016

Preview: Holly Jade O'Leary - Somerset House, Strand, WCR 1LA 29th November 2016 10am - 6pm

Join us at our elegant Rococo masquerade ball and experience an exquisite tete-a-tete with the inhabitants of The Land of the Jewelled Moons. With vivacious lights set as constellations, and ethereal stardust creatures glimmering en pointe.

We invite you to step into a fantasia theatre, set at Library, private member’s club in Covent Garden. An enchanting timeless world inspired by the ‘Ziegfeld Follies’ with magic, live music and so much more including 'The Story of the Fairy Foxes with Wings of the Night Mists' starring Emma Dabiri. An exquisite and compelling performance adapted from a Ugandan fairytale to raise awareness on the use of mercury within the mining process and encourage the purchase of responsibly sourced jewellery. This showcase will creatively tell the story of positive sustainability in the arts, jewellery and fashion industries in a thought provoking, socially conscious way.

In addition, the evening will feature A High Fashion Fantasy: ‘The Fairy Emporium in The Land of the Jewelled Moons ’ exhibiting lovingly hand sewn corseting, reworked textiles, an abundance of crystals and gemstones layered like stardust. Come and revel in distressed velvet couture, antique lace, hand bead work and textile art. For this incredible showcase event, Holly Jade O’Leary’s vivid imagination has run wild creating a luxury art collection perfect for all occasions.

The collection is accompanied by the Dance Til Dawn collection by London Designer Jeweller, Lily Flo Jewellery. “Holly kindly asked us to work on this exceptional project with her, to which we are truly honoured and thrilled. We've worked with Holly before and this project seemed like a perfect fit from the concept. Our Autumn Winter 2016 collection, Dance Til Dawn, is inspired by The Great Gatsby; the glamour and decadence of the 1920's, with iconic stars and moons and sustainably sourced gemstones and just like Holly we've taken this with a very modern London vibe. The jewellery fits Holly's vision and as a brand that is hand made responsibly here in London, we are just so thrilled to collaborate and really show how a sustainably produced, London made brand can be cool and relevant to today's market.

This is an evening not to be missed and an opportunity to cover a story with many angles. From sustainability and responsible sourcing in the fashion, arts and jewellery industries to fantasia theatre, couture fashion fantasy and so much more. Do not miss out on this spectacle for as Der Tagesspiegel (German broadsheet) said about Holly Jade in 2015,

"She makes one dream come true after another"

Let all your dreams come true on 3rd December 2016, at Library, 112, St Martin’s Lane, WC2N 4BD. A small number of tickets are currently on sale. To purchase please go here:

ENDS 01:00AM 4th December 2016

Contact: Holly Jade O’Leary – Event Director - 07546414308

Preview Event: Interview opportunities at Somerset House,
Tuesday 29th November 2016 12 - 6pm

Photo Opportunity: Before the event interviews are available with ……….
Contact: Holly Jade O’Leary 07546414308, Diana Sherling: 07931543712

Notes to Editors:

****** The event opens at 7pm. Many artists will be available to interview on the night and this can be confirmed beforehand.

For hi-res images and press enquiries please contact Holly Jade on

[1] Emma Dabiri’s other work includes BBC1 Expert Voices, Channel 4, SOAS fellow, The Guardian cultural commentator, The Observer, TED Talks.
[2] The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company formed at Schloss Heinrichhorst Castle, in the depths of the German countryside, in 2015.
[3] The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company gently use the arts to raise awareness around topics surrounding social injustice including animal welfare to negate industrial and battery farming. They encourage the ethical jewellery industry and investigate issues surrounding transparency, sustainability and traceability, to pioneer a fine jewellery industry free of exploitation. They are currently raising funding to deliver solar powered Mercury free ’Gold Kacha’ artisinal mining technology to women's cooperative and NGO Environmental Women for Action and Development in Busia District, Uganda and assist them in working towards Fairtrade status.
[4] “I’m a London born girl, passionate and proud” says founder Diana Sherling. “I love the dressing up, the going out, the history, the diversity. To me it is really important to be here, and to manufacture here.”

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