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Jigsaw Medical speeds up expansion with new driver training vehicle.

29 November 2016 11:15


Jigsaw Medical is delighted to announce the purchase of a brand new driver training vehicle, ready for the introduction of brand new driver training course in 2017.

Designed and developed by Jigsaw Medical, in conjunction with innovative Ambulance Converters Blue Light Services, the bespoke vehicle is the first ever made by Blue Light and joins the already extensive #TeamJigsaw fleet.

After taking on board comments and considerations from instructors and candidates alike the new vehicle has a whole host of features that will make the Jigsaw Medical Ambulance driver training course unique in the way that it can be delivered.

The brand-new '66 plate vehicle has 360-degree cameras surrounding it meaning that every decision on the road can be recorded, monitored, and then analysed on the large flat screen television in the rear compartment.

The vehicle also offers a meeting area in the back, as well as a pull out awning for protection from the elements during outdoor briefings.
As well as driver training the vehicle will also act as a supplementary mobile command unit for larger scale events where necessary.

Director of Operations, Richard McManus stated:

"A lot of time and effort has gone into designing this unique and bespoke vehicle and we can't wait to get it out on the road and helping the next generation of emergency ambulance crews. A massive thank you has to go to Blue Light Services for all their hard work making this a possibility."

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