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Jigsaw Medical relocate Head Office to Cheshire Oaks

15 November 2016 10:00


Jigsaw Medical are delighted to announce that they have relocated their head office to Ellesmere Port near the Cheshire Oaks Shopping Centre, from Portal Business Park in Tarporley, which will remain a Jigsaw building for further ventures.
#TeamJigsaw now occupy Units 3 and 4 on The Oaks office park, located at Junction 10 of the M53, with both units comprising a total of over 7,500 square feet of accommodation.

Since its inception in 2012, Jigsaw has grown from CEO Chris Percival owning 1 RRV in Oxfordshire to a multi- million pound company with several divisions offering a variety of services such as frontline ambulance contracts, major event medical cover, education programmes from first aiders to Paramedics, and medical cover in hostile and austere environments via our Special Operations team.

With this incredible growth and expansion, it became apparent that the current Head Office in Tarporley was fast becoming too small and therefore when the opportunity in Ellesmere Port presented itself, it was too difficult to ignore. With the size of the new 'Jigsaw House,' Jigsaw Medical will be able to provide greater efficiency in how we operate internally and how we serve our clients.

All of the teams currently located at Jigsaw House in Tarporley have made the move to Ellesmere Port, however, given the extra capacity, we are now able to position teams much more strategically within the different areas of the building, improving internal communication and therefore external efficiency.

The increased size and investment will also mean that Jigsaw now has the ability to introduce essential office facilities and services that weren't possible in Tarporley, such as an increased number of meeting rooms, a proper reception area, and a proper kitchen and dining area as well as other features.

As well as the Head Office #TeamJigsaw is also delighted to confirm that the Education and Training team will make the move from their training centre on Sealand Road in Chester to a brand new Training Academy in Ellesmere Port, resulting in all aspects of the business being able to work harmoniously in the new facility.

CEO, Chris Percival said about the move: "Jigsaw Medical are delighted to have moved our Head Office to Ellesmere Port as it will now enable the company to progress with its exciting business plans for future growth and development. It also gives us the opportunity to provide new amenities for employees and a better service for our customers and clients, all whilst maintaining and furthering our reputation as the market leader in Clinical Services in the UK.”

As a result of the move and subsequent expansion various job opportunities have been created and Jigsaw Medical is on the lookout for exceptionally talented individuals to fill them. To find out more you can check out the Recruitment and Careers section of the Jigsaw Medical website.

All of Jigsaw Medical's telephone and fax numbers will remain the same.

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