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Jigsaw Medical Launches Brand New Jigsaw Academy

14 February 2017 14:45


Jigsaw Medical are delighted to announce that they have now made the transition to their brand-new, purpose-built Education Academy at Jigsaw House at Cheshire Oaks.

2016 finished on a particularly high note for Jigsaw Medical Service’s training division, as the company went from strength to strength, the opportunity to move the existing Training Centre on Sealand Road in Chester to premises alongside the new Headquarters at Cheshire Oaks could not be missed. In November 2016, Jigsaw had welcomed Paul Jones as their new Director of Education and Training with the remit of building on the great work achieved to that point.

paul-jones-jigsawAnd from day one that is what he has done. There was opportunity in so many different avenues to be considered, but the focus of his efforts have been around building an academy and a team which could move the organisation forward in a positive, safe and effective manner; a manner which benefitted the company, its staff and partners and ultimately the patients which are the result of all that we do.

So, the first ‘quarter year’ has passed and the Academy delivers the highest-quality first aid training (either bespoke to the partner or regulated by QualSafe), and continue to deliver the ORMS Paramedic Programme. They also continue to support operational colleagues working across the emergency, events and special projects sectors, and now they are in a position to take the next steps.

Jigsaw Medical Service’s Special Projects team are now accredited by the NAEMT to deliver trauma care courses at the Academy, FutureQuals have approved the Academy for level two and level three ambulance driving training – they have also approved the Associate Ambulance Practitioner (AAP) programme which welcomed its first cohort at the end of January 2017.

Further to this, QualSafe has been re-visited and have approved the Academy for the delivery of First Response Emergency Care (FREC) programmes at levels three, four and five. Additionally, QualSafe and Jigsaw together are talking to the University of Sunderland regarding vocational paramedics joining year three of a Paramedic BSc programme directly (if that is their route of choice).

All the developments this quarter have been brought about by a strong ethos of #TeamJigsaw – recognising the many skills and attributes that are offered by the staff, a staff that is growing; in 2017 the Academy will have a new Head of Education and a new Head of Driving to support the Head of Training as developments continue. They have started to establish a network of appropriately qualified, experienced and positive Instructors with the specialist knowledge-bases and qualifications needed for the future, and this continues to be an exciting time for all at Jigsaw Medical Services as the Academy grows. Paul Jones, Director of Education and Training said:

“What can I say? There are inspirational quotes all around the building, but they’re not just words; they are a company philosophy. I came to Jigsaw to make a difference, to engage with positive development and to move into areas yet to be investigated. Three months in, it’s happening, and yet there’s so much more we have the chance to do. To paraphrase: if you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got…”

For more information regarding the education and training that Jigsaw Medical offers head to our website or contact the team on 01829 732615.

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