300,000 UK women have started their own business since the economic downturn, with female-run businesses responsible for over half the ‘increase’ in self-employment since 2008. And Essex women are winning the way! It is estimated that UK women-led SME businesses contribute £75 billion to our economic output,16% of the UK total.

As we know, women have to work flexibly around their family and want to be free to spend more time with family and go to a sports day or parents evening. Running your own business is a great chance to do what they want to do and make a contribution to the local community. Women are also creating businesses that just didn’t exist a decade ago.

However, this huge change has left many women working at home, in isolation, alone, without the support of colleagues and doing everything themselves from fixing the printer to writing a press release!

Business communities like Winning Women Essex and days like the Essex Business Women’s Experience provide the support, resources, a new community of like-minded women and somewhere to learn and grow together. Women are sociable and these communities fill the gap that the traditional workplace left.

“Starting your own business can be very lonely, confusing and stressful. Women just don’t know where to start. To keep going we need lots of support from professionals and friends and a community that really understand what it’s like to strike out on your own.

I founded the Essex Business Women’s Experience to be a day where women can find all the resources they need to start their own business, be inspired by women who are already walking the path, make new friends and find a community that will support during the difficult times.
Women are great at collaborating and need to connect with like-minded women and organisations like Winning Women Essex and events like the Essex Business Women’s Experience allow that. Says Rosemary Cunningham, founder.

We also have a sister Winning Women group in Mpongwe, Zambia who we support with £1 from each ticket sold. This helps empower these women to improve their own literacy, learn new skills and start their own farming, baking and sewing businesses.”

The Essex Business Women’s Experience is at the Park Inn Radisson, Southend-on-Sea on Friday, 17th June from 10 til 3pm.
Women, and a few brave men at all stages of business are welcome to join us. Ticket are £7 and include access to all workshops and networking activities.

The Essex Business Women's Experience is sponsored by Park Inn Radisson, Radio Essex, Space 282 and Women in Business Network (WIBN)

Rosemary Cunningham
07967 121167

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About Rosemary Cunningham Money Marketing & Soul Coach

I am a Money Marketing and Soul Coach and I specialise in helping women manage their money well and find a happy healthy mindset and relationship with money. I work mainly but not exclusively with women entrepreneurs.

This is my 25th year in business! I have run my own businesses since 1993. Firstly a home based therapy business, practicing Reflexology and Massage.

I run Winning Women Essex which is a networking organisation for women at all stages of business, from just a new idea to long established businesses. I run monthly groups in Leigh-on-sea and Chelmsford. We also support a sister group and school in Zambia.