Those attending the London Tech Week seminars will have seen the attendees, including the interested media commentators, sitting, laptops awkwardly positioned on their knees, backs bent, trying to capture the words of wisdom from the presenters, without their precious keyboard slipping to the floor.
No better time then for BELO, the innovative new lap top case, to be inviting kickstarter contributors to join in the journey of BELO and be one of the first proud owners not just of the perfect protector of their valuable technology, but also the best laptop accessory ever to stave off the aching back.

Simon Jones, one of the founders of BELO, commented, “ With our focus this week on new technology, it’s a good time for us to reflect on whether we look after the expensive laptops that we invest in. That’s what BELO is about. It’s a case, not only designed to protect your most precious Apple, but also to fold out and be a reassuring laptop table, angling the keyboard just right for the user. To sit alongside the new innovations showcasing in London Tech Week, BELO has to be the most sought after accessory. Anyone ending the day, having been typing away on their laptops in the seminars, will have a little reminder mid way down their lower spine that there must be a way of doing things. Indeed there is, and we look forward to our early adopters both seeing and feeling the benefits of BELO ”

The result of three mathematician trained designers getting their heads together, BELO is due to hit the market in 2017, and is currently inviting regular laptop users to get on the bandwagon now through their Kickstarter programme. For those with an eye for fashion in technology as well as function, supporters of the programme will not only be part of the development and launch of BELO, but will also be the first to own and benefit from its features.

In the week when innovation and technology is being showcased, looking after our bodies and protecting the hard wear is just as important.

Please visit for further information and a chance to preview BELO’s fantastic Kickstarter video.

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BELO's the result of a collaboration between KnoGno, a tech and design co. in London and Rodell Design, a Lake District based product designer/developer.
Collaborating over distance we ended up becoming our own target audience. We have worked on trains, in cafes and across continents at times to bring BELO to the world. Creating BELO has been a fantastic journey.
KnoGno (know-know) is 3 docs: John, Martin and Simon, all trained in science or maths and all from careers in some form of technology.
They all also have a penchant for good design and with the ubiquitous role of the laptop in their and everyone's lives, they wanted to combine technology and design with this innovative product.
BELO is a strong, protective case.

Slip your computer out and BELO assumes a wedge, giving you a comfortable, inclined typing surface.

Laptops used to be bad on the lap. No longer with BELO. Now, when using your computer on your knee or on a crossed leg, BELO's unique design conforms to the shape of your body. BELO forms an ergonomic interface between you and your computer, hugging and gripping your legs, insulating you from your computer, making laptop use more secure and comfortable.