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Introducing the UK’s first ready-to-drink Protein Fruit Juice for active women

10 November 2014 11:30


Active women everywhere are recognising the benefits of protein as a critical component of a healthy diet that boosts energy, helps generate muscle tissue, increases satiety (i.e., feeling of fullness), contributes to weight management and as an essential part of their active lifestyle.

Against this backdrop, an exciting new fruit based protein drink has been launched as the perfect solution to help improve tone, build lean muscle, sustain natural energy levels and balance your body. Blended with 12g of whey protein, real fruit, fruit juice and coconut water, Juiven8 is the UK’s first low fat, fruit-based alternative to milkshake-style protein drinks.

Juiven8 launches with two flavour profiles; Juiven8 Blackcurrant, Acai and Coconut Water and Juiven8 Mango, Pineapple and Coconut Water. Great in taste, both flavours have been specifically formulated to optimise the health-boosting, antioxidant, vitamin rich properties of the carefully selected fruit extracts.

Co-Founder, Ali Turner comments: “There are plenty of women like myself, fit and active, who may enjoy the luxury of a personal trainer, have a fitness goal in mind, or are generally sports focussed who would be keen to give their body an additional boost to recover more quickly after training or exercise. Juiven8, with its 12g of whey protein to help muscle recovery, real fruit to give natural energy and coconut water to rehydrate, offers a daily drink to do just this”

Juiven8 comes in handy 250ml bottles, which can be conveniently consumed in the gym or on the go and is available to buy at in packs of 6x250ml, 12x250ml or 24x250ml, delivered directly to your door.

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