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Vegas Mattresses, based in Hastings East Sussex have solved a decade old problem with mattresses! The dust, the smell, the spillage… - Vegas present an ingenious solution to a huge problem facing not only UK households but also the hotel industry

How are you supposed to keep your brand-new mattress clean? How do you deal with accidents from children and teenagers or your other half...? How do you clean up spilled coffee?

Vegas Mattresses simply unzip all the way around, no heavy lifting required. Unzip, remove the top half and wash it at 40-60°C in any washing machine. Wash one part, flip the mattress over and sleep on the other or wash both parts and pop the two pieces into the tumble dryer.

Give it a couple of hours and your mattress looks and feels as fresh and comfortable as the day you first unwrapped it. The peace of mind that a clean mattress gives is a sense of tranquility and bliss beyond that which can be achieved with just fresh sheets.

Find your perfect Vegas Mattress with latex, coco fibre, smartflex foam or pocket springs. We have a mattress for any sleep type. Vegas does not put you in a box and offers a wide range of health conscious options.

Nicole Barrett, Director at Vegas Mattresses says: "Like for most people, money does not grow on trees for me. Yet, I have lost count of how many mattresses I had to throw away because of an accident, a very poorly child or even a brand new kitten. It has cost me an absolute fortune. Thanks to our nifty little invention this is no longer the case. Our mattresses can be washed, they can be tumble dried. I can handle it all by myself and I don't need a man to do it."

VegasMattresses.co.uk is a small UK based business in Hastings, East Sussex. Should you wish to publish our story or test our products for your publication, please do get in touch.

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Our marketing side of the business focuses on connecting small businesses with potential partners and customers through www.hastingsshout.co.uk.

Hastings Shout was set up to provide an additional free marketing platform to my other business www.vegasmattresses.co.uk.

CBS Services was launched by me, Nicole Barrett during the first phase of the Green Deal policy initiative. It was at this point that I had met with so many small businesses in the industry who did not understand even the basics of data protection for their own staff. I have watched so many businesses close down over issues that could have been prevented and so I thought, why not try.

I have made it my mission to change this and help even the smallest businesses to get ahead without falling at the first legislative hurdle.