t plus drinks have introduced a groundbreaking new product to enable vegans to get their essential vitamin B12 intake.

t plus are a new, independent company on a mission to make the world of tea a little smarter.
Their innovative new teas give your body the goodness that it deserves with three key elements: Antioxidant packed green tea, all natural fruit-packed flavour and daily essential B and C vitamins including B12.

Regular and reliable sources of vitamin B12 are essential for everybody no matter their diet and B12 deficiency can cause a number of side effects such as anaemia, nerve damage and heart disease. B12 is usually found in animal based products such as fish and meat and so consequently, both vegans and people on a plant based diet struggle to find ways to get their daily vitamin intake.

t plus noticed an essential gap in the market whereby they could create a functional drink that appeals to everybody that not only tastes good but also does your body good. Their aim was to invent an easier and tastier way for vegans to get their essential B12 by bridging the gap between vitamin supplements, vitamin water and green tea.

Each cup is 50% RDA daily essential vitamins and each teabag contains a daily dose of functional qualities from boosting your immune system to aiding that much needed detox. Their first four teas at launch are:

t + boost - An energizing blend of green tea, yerba mate, ginseng and energy releasing B vitamins in a natural raspberry & pomegranate flavoured tea.

t + immunitea - An immune boosting mix of green tea, echinacea, ginseng and 50% RDA vitamin C in a delicious natural orange & blueberry flavoured green tea.

t + detox - A cleansing blend of green tea, milk thistle, ginger root and B vitamins in a refreshing natural apple & blackcurrant flavoured tea.

t + multea - A packed blend of green tea, rosemary, cardamom, spearmint and 9 daily essential vitamins in a natural lemon & peach flavoured tea.


About the brand / notes to the editor
t plus is the brainchild of tea lover and entrepreneur James Dawson. His aim was to create a new range of ‘smarter tea’ that brings a new category of healthy, functional and great tasting drinks to the UK.

Each box of t plus contains 15x tea bags and has a RRP of £3.69.

t plus is available to purchase online at and from over 60 selected health stores nationwide. New national listings to be announced soon.

Contact details:
All enquiries-
Call: 07948 571 391 Social Media- Facebook: tplusdrinks Twitter: @tplusdrinks Instagram: tplusdrinks

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About t plus drinks

The UK's first range of vitamin enriched super green teas!
We blend green tea with vitamins, herbs & fruit to create an all new range of functional, healthy & great tasting teas. Designed to make the world of tea, a little smarter!