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Jigsaw Medical Services Ltd.

Introducing ‘eJigsaw Ltd.’

17 January 2017 09:30


This is an extremely exciting moment within the Jigsaw Group as they launch a brand new digital and creative start-up agency, eJigsaw.

Who and what is eJigsaw...?

It’s simple – we are all about ‘being different’, and that applies to both our team and our clients. Set up by successful entrepreneur Chris Percival in January 2017, eJigsaw™ is a brand with a passion for amazing customer service, innovative website design and proven online marketing strategies.

Here at #TeamJigsaw, we’re always aiming high and that is exactly the culture at eJigsaw. We are aiming to be the best web and online marketing company and in doing so we aim to make you different. Making you stand out from your competitors.

eJigsaw is currently based at Cheshire Oaks near Chester in Cheshire. This is the main ‘Hub’ of eJigsaw and the Jigsaw Group. It incorporates meeting and conferencing space, offices, training suites, and our thinking rooms. However, eJigsaw may be based in Cheshire but we will be available all over the UK and Europe, and our creative and administrative team can travel anywhere for you!

Being Different...

From day one eJigsaw will commit to understanding the larger challenges faced by each business we deal with and will apply an immersive and open and honest collaborative approach to all tasks thrown at us. Unlike the Rolling Stones, we can 100% guarantee satisfaction.

By being partners in the truest sense of the word we believe in discussions, not briefs; solutions, not problems; and friendships, not client relationships. We will spend as much time as possible with our clients to get to exactly what they want, and will deliver every time.
We always strive for perfection and unlike most similar agencies, we don’t do things because they look good in our eyes, but we do things to satisfy our client’s requirements – whatever they may be – we aim to give you exactly what you want and more!

CEO of eJigsaw, Chris Percival:

“The launch of eJigsaw is such an exciting time for the Jigsaw Group and all of #TeamJigsaw. Not only will we be able to offer an incredible service to external clients through our extensive knowledge of online marketing and creative abilities, but it will also add value to the Jigsaw brand, and help internalise development and marketing functions for existing Jigsaw brands within the Jigsaw Group. Here’s to an incredible 2017!”

If you are intrigued or excited by the sound of eJigsaw and would like to work with us we are always seeking new partners so feel free to visit us over at our website or drop us an email

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About Jigsaw Medical Services Ltd.

Jigsaw Medical Services is one of the UK’s leaders in medical services, offering a range of services for the commercial, media, NHS and events sectors. The core areas of our business are first aid training services, event & clinical services & 999 services to NHS Ambulance Trusts.

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