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International collaboration makes music track possible

29 June 2016 11:15


Sonya Stewart and Richard Ashford's song "Only takes Once" is the result of a truly international collaboration of musicians from Scotland, England, USA, South Africa and Romania.
With the recording technology we have today, it was possible to record all the parts of the track without the musicians having to be in the same studio - which would have been logistically impossible!

Sonya in Scotland ( and Richard ( /) in South Africa provided the song, with Sonya performing the main vocals. England provided the duet vocals and guitars from Steve Winch (, a well known singer/songwriter from Milton Keynes.

Backing Vocals (including some ad libs) were performed by Sarah JSun (Romania), Josiah Ruff (California) and Malika Powell (USA)

The whole project was produced by Richard and mastered by Steve Migliore (USA) .

A remarkable piece of international collaboration! The musicians were all contacted via the Music Gateway service which provides a platform to match musicians with projects. World Domination Music Ltd proudly publish the song worldwide and welcome Sonya and Richard to their roster of writers.
Watch a video of the track at: -

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