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Shelly Sun - International Franchise Association/BrightStar Care

International business woman in UK to share best practice in franchising and care sectors plus discuss effects of Brexit on care sector.

10 July 2017 12:24


Shelly Sun founded the the first and only franchising company in the US to specialise in both medical and non-medical care and healthcare staffing. She is the International Franchise Association's Chairman and past Vice-Chair and Treasurer, overseeing a US franchise market of 781,991 franchised establishments, employing 8.8 million people and generating $889 Billion in sales. 

Shelly is in the UK this week, 10-14 July, to meet with organisations, share best practice and discuss the future of both franchising and the care sector. Basing herself in London, Shelly is available for interviews on any of the subjects below.

- How will Brexit affect recruitment in the care sector and what can we learn from the impact on staffing of the care sector in the US since the new administration? Shelly will be discussing this and more at her meeting with the UK Homecare Association on Wednesday morning.
- Interview both the British Franchise Association's female Chief Exec, Pip Wilkins, and Shelly following their meeting on Tuesday - what are their plans for working together in the next 12 months?
- Find out about Shelly's views on not taking any chances with the future of care - her plans to develop the talent of the future for the healthcare sector.
- What is it like going from wanting a better quality homecare option for a loved one to building the largest home care and care staffing franchise in the US and Canada?

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About Shelly Sun - International Franchise Association/BrightStar Care

Shelly Sun is Chairman of the International Franchise Association and is visiting the UK this week: 10-14 July.

Shelly is also the CEO and Founder of BrightStar Group Holdings, Inc., the holding company of multiple brands offering care services globally in various settings including in-home, assisted living and memory care communities as well as in commercial settings like hospitals through medical staffing services. With over 300 locations in the U.S. and Canada serving over 15,000 families, BrightStar Care® delivers the full continuum of care in residential settings as well as premium healthcare staffing for corporate clients such as nursing homes and physicians. In 2005, BrightStar launched its franchising efforts, becoming the first and only franchising company in the country to specialise in both medical and non-medical care and health care staffing.

Shelly also published her first book, Grow Smart, Risk Less – A Low-Capital Path to Multiplying Your Business through Franchising, where she discusses her journey as an emerging franchisor through amazing growth, lessons learned and game-changing ideas.

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