Inspire Home Automation will open its doors on the 3rd November for an open day, where interested customers can get their hands on our flagship product, the Ignite Smart Thermostat.

Matthew Smith, Director of Inspire Home Automation, said: "It is great to be able to meet potential customers, demonstrate what we do and allow them to see behind the scenes of what goes into making Smart Thermostats.

"We will be around to personally greet visitors, and of course, there will be free Tea, Coffee and Cakes for anyone making the journey"

To register for the open day, please visit

The Ignite Smart Thermostat comes in three distinct versions:

The Ignite Residential version works great in your own home and is comparable to the very best smart Thermostats on the market today.

The Ignite Landlord is essential for any landlord who pays the heating bills, which can significantly cut wasted energy.

The Ignite Calendar integrates into booking systems, and is used by many Village Halls and Holiday Rentals throughout the UK and Europe.

The current model of the thermostat is already being used by thousands of people across the country and can be found in a range of properties including new builds, HMOs, churches, village halls, pubs and guest houses.

In its present form, the product allows users to see when their heating is being used, giving users the ability to view the temperature inside their home over a period of months, as well as many other money saving features.

Notes to editors:
• For media comment and interviews contact Matthew Smith on 01202 798390 or email
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Inspire Home automation develop a range of Smart Thermostats for various markets such as Private homes, Landlords and Holiday lets / Village Halls.

We believe you should be able to keep you home comfortable, without wasting energy. Smart technology has a big role to play in reducing wasted energy. And finally we are proud of our use of British Manufacturing!

Inspire Home Automation’s latest generation of stylish Smart Thermostats definitely look the part and put you in control. Offering smart, money saving features, which can be customised by the user, we can offer a system that works for everyone.

We are very proud to support the British economy. Our products are designed at our head office in Ferndown, Dorset and are manufactured in Southampton, Hampshire.

How this benefits you - real people - like you and me - Made in Britain means something very important indeed:
• Ethical production, fair wages and decent working conditions
• Taking responsibility for the environmental impact of our own consumption
• Pride of ownership and pride in British capabilities
• The dignity of self reliance

Inspire Home Automation, founded in 2012, is now run by 3 directors.

Matthew Smith is our Software Engineer and specialises his responsibility for Website, Phone Apps, and Servers.

Gavin Smith is our Electronics Engineer and has developed the circuits and embedded software on the Thermostats

Stewart Horton is our Hardware Engineer and has created the stylish range of thermostats.