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The Just Loans Group PLC

Innovation Award Success

17 January 2017 11:30


Just Cash Flow PLC has been named as "Best Cash Flow Lender" in the annual Trade Finance Global Excellence Awards by Trade Finance Global.
TFG's Marketing Manager,James Sinclair says,"These awards focus on companies that have demonstrated exceptional performance amidst the last 12 month's challenging climate.
"The judging panel was very impressed by Just Cashflow's innovations in the field of card access to business finance and mobile apps. It also noted the clear message sent to the market through initiatives such as becoming the first alternative lender to become an associate members of the British Banking Association."
Just Cashflow Director John Davies, says,"It is very satisfying to have been singled out for this award especially as the judging panel recognised our focus on innovation. There is a lot of talk about how FinTech is revolutionising financial services in the UK but our focus is on using it to enable our time starved customers to access business finance how and when they need it.
"Customers consistently tell us that time is the enemy both when they are applying for finance and having to manage daily cash flow challenges. Business owners are always on the move and constantly juggling the many demands on their time.
"To counter these issues we launched two new initiatives, both of which are a first of their kind for a European alternative lender. Card access to business finance at the point of sale with our BusinessPlus Prepaid MasterCard Card® and a mobile app that allows our customers to manage their finances on the go with just a few clicks on their mobile phones."

About Just Cash Flow PLC

Just Cash Flow PLC is a responsible specialist lender to UK Businesses offering flexible funding solutions to to help them manage their cash flow. It provides an alternative to a bank overdraft or business loan. Businesses can borrow between £10,000 to £500,000.
Just Cashflow is a wholly owned subsidiary of Just Loans Group PLC.

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About The Just Loans Group PLC

The Just Loans Group PLC is the first alternative commercial lender to be a Professional Associate Member of the British Banking Association.

The Group is listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange and has a market capitalisation of £39m.

The Group entered the alternative finance sector in 2012 with the aim of building a robust, scalable, Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliant process for on boarding Corporate Borrowers in the UK and eventually Europe. This was achieved through increasingly using FinTech to streamline the application process and deliver exceptional customer experience.

Having fully proven the model across the Just Loans portfolio, the Group is now positioned to provide these services additionally to Financial Institutions with a need to balance the management of costs with their regulatory obligations under the Anti Money Laundering legislation.
By doing so, both new entrant and established, Financial Institutions are able to serve the business and small corporate market cost effectively and with an improved quality of service.

The Group has invested heavily in developing its proprietary PropensityPlus® scoring model. This is proving to be a major competitive advantage as it drives a comprehensive underwriting process, enabled by the latest technology, leveraging a wide variety of current and historical data points, many of which are not used by traditional banks or other lenders. This provides extensive insight into the propensity for both the Directors and businesses to be successful going forward.

PropensityPlus® achieves significant efficiencies leading to a faster finance application process and a much improved impairment experience across the loan book.
These benefits are seen as attractive both to borrowers and stakeholders as a whole.

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