Ingenious Wall Frame re-defines the way we frame.
Sydney, Australia – January 19, 2017. Maik, a customisable, resizable wall frame designed by a Sydney couple is ready for project launch after two years of fine-tuning. This exciting new innovation in frames is now ready for its first full-scale manufacturing run.

A framing system like no other.
The product is called the Maik wall frame. Maik is a light-weight, glass-free frame that can instantly turn your accumulated collection of photographs, schedules, lists, kids artwork and mementos on the wall into personalised, one-of-a-kind wall art.

The Maik frame evolved out of necessity when Naomi Lucas-Smith had been searching for the perfect frame. She and her husband Anthony liked to display their photo’s and mementos on their walls. Their collection included photographs of friends, locations they had visited, things they loved or things that inspired them and a large space was devoted to their children’s artwork. Their collection was always changing and evolving and was quite an eyesore of clutter spread over the wall.

Naomi wanted a way to organise these special memories into a neat and tidy space. Naomi says she could not find the proper solution, “ What I really wanted was an organised space that we could change as our lives changed, but I soon realised that what I wanted just didn’t exist.”
That is when the couple decided to create their own frame. One frame with many possibilities.

A year later, Anthony and Naomi Lucas-Smith took their idea to a design engineering company in Sydney, Australia who worked with the couple to design and create a working prototype of the Maik wall frame. The adaptability of the frame that they came up with was quite extraordinary.

The Maik wall frame comes with the adaptability to make one large frame or two smaller frames with over 10 different framing configurations possible. The clever aspect of the Maik wall frame is that it comes in sections so you can make the frame as big or as small as you like and it can be packed into a small box when not in use or moving.
The Maik wall frame can be hung anywhere without worrying about damage to the walls as this lightweight wall frame is secured to the wall with Blu Tack, the original reusable adhesive or other similar removable adhesive. Using re-usable adhesive makes assembly a breeze and allows the Maik wall frame it’s unique flexibility.

Maik is an ideal solution for any room and perfect for anyone renting.
The next step for this Australian couple is to raise funds to see their project through to production. Funds are set to be raised through their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in March 2018.

Co-founder Smithy on 61+424260095

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Antomi Production Pty Ltd trading as Maik Wall Frames
Australian Business Number ABN: 72 615 046 038
Australian Company Number ACN: 615 046 038
was formed in September 2015.
Directors Anthony Lucas-Smith and Naomi Lucas-Smith
PO Box 956 Neutral Bay Junction, NSW, 2089, Sydney Australia.

The Maik frame evolved out of necessity when Naomi Lucas-Smith had been searching for the perfect frame to organise their family photos, children’s artwork, notices, schedules etc in one neat and tidy space on the wall. In late 2015 they realised that what they were looking for just didn’t exist. They decided to create their own.

After coming up with a crude prototype of their own Anthony & Naomi then approached D3 designs, a design engineering company in Sydney Australia in October, 2016. From there they designed their first working prototype.

They have developed a good relationship with SDI plastics in Queensland Australia, which has made it possible for the maik wall frame to be made in Australia.
The adaptability of the design worked so well that they have decided to run a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in March 2018 to fund the first manufacturing run.

We have the Australian & The US Design Protection for the maik modular frame.
We have Patent Pending for the maik modular frame.
We have the maik name trade mark.