Indie author Charmain Marie Mitchell, the writer of the 'Vampire' series and the 'Mary Howard Supernatural Mysteries' series, says her love of writing and being able to publish her work, helped her combat severe depression. Charmain started suffering from depression in 2006 after an unexpected crisis in her personal life, from this time on she suffered from ongoing mental illness. Sometimes these bouts would be so severe that she would withdraw from the world and refuse to open mail, answer the phone, and participate in everyday life.

However, all that started to change in November 2012, when after breaking her ankle and facing six weeks of total incapacity, she decided to start writing short stories to try and stem the onset of a severe depressive episode. Charmain chose to write horror, simply because it was a genre that explored love, hate, pain, and countless other emotions that she often found difficult to express. By March 2013, she had written enough stories to compile an anthology called 'The Lust For Blood', and her first book was self-published. In July of the same year she released 'Vampire - In the Beginning', the first book in the 'Vampire' series. A series that starts in Tudor England and tells the tale of Gwen Leigh, a five hundred year old vampire, and her life story from the 1500's until present time. A few months later the second book in the series 'Vampire - Child of destiny', was released, and following that a novel called 'Death Whispers', which is the first book in the 'Mary Howard Supernatural Mysteries', series.

Not only did Charmain start to see her books, to her astonishment, receive brilliant reviews and a passionate readership following, but the depression that had controlled her for years, gradually started to lift. She believes that the easing of her illness is due to the fact that she is able to express herself via her writing, and it is, for her, a form of therapy, and although the depressive symptoms have not yet totally eased, Charmain is confident that they will in time. She would love to hear from others who have had similar experiences, or from those whom feel that they may be able to express themselves via words.

Charmain is currently writing the third book in the 'Vampire' series, 'The Quest for Truth', which is due for release in August 2014, with the second book in the 'Mary Howard Supernatural Mysteries' series due for release in December 2014. All of Charmain's books can be downloaded via Kindle.

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