Independent boutique rum company, Pirate's Grog, have expanded their product range to include Pirate's Grog No.13, an exquisite 13 year aged golden rum from Central America. Housed in an award winning bottle, the No.13 has been grabbing the attention of rum enthusiasts around the globe!

Pirate’s Grog (1) hit the UK market 24 months ago with a golden rum originating from the island of Roatán, situated 40 miles off the coast of Honduras. Their first offering was Pirate's Grog 5 year aged rum, available in a handcrafted wooden treasure chest complete with a personalised wax sealed scroll. Having sold extensively throughout the UK, the company launched Pirate’s Grog No.13, a rich and full bodied single cask rum with notes of apricot, peach, white chocolate and vanilla. Only 777 bottles were produced, and following a successful exclusivity period in Harvey Nichols, this limited edition rum is in high demand.

Managing Director, Gareth Noble, says “With the launch of Pirate’s Grog No.13 this year we want to push the boundaries and capture people’s imaginations. Customers are searching for more unique and innovative products and we hope to be one of the companies they turn to for inspiration.”

This summer a small number of No.13 bottles will be released in a mystical black chest, designed specifically as the perfect gift for any rum lover.

In 2015 the company achieved growth of 400% and 2016 is proving just as successful. As well as the original 5 year aged rum, the gift chest and Pirate’s Grog No.13, the company are also set to launch another exciting product in the form of a coffee-rum infusion: Black Ei8ht, later this summer!

Pirate’s Grog have been taking their barrel bar to festivals and events across the country to showcase the new product range and serve a delicious selection of rum cocktails. Upcoming events include Secret Garden Party, Standon Calling Festival, Green Yurts Site at V Festival, Waterfest Weymouth, the Boutique Bar Show London and Think Rum. So, jump aboard sea-dogs and rum-lovers, and enjoy the finest Honduran rum!

(1) The name ‘Pirate’s Grog’ is derived from days of old when pirates and buccaneers used the island as a resting point between voyages. Roatán provided a safe haven for trade in between plundering merchant vessels and sheltering from stormy weather.

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