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Taylor'd Bundles

In the time it takes to order a bouquet of flowers, you can now order a bespoke gift that reflects how much you truly value and care a new Mum and their baby.

05 March 2016 17:15


Back in 2014, Caz Taylor left her career in marketing to set up a business to help address an issue surrounding maternity gifts.
Overwhelmed and touched by the handmade and one-off gifts she received when her daughter Florence was born, Caz was inspired to create a business that offered luxury gifts such as these for Mums and babies. Caz wanted other new Mums to experience the thoughtfulness and love that had been put into her maternity gifts and help put an end to the lovely, but impersonal, flowers that commonly get sent to staff and customers.

The service needed to be straightforward for the sender, but deliver impact for the recipient. Gift organisers are incredibly busy, but it’s at these life changing moments that by going that extra mile will help to make a huge difference. It was this difference that Caz really wanted to offer. So, after two years of perfecting the products, service and designs; she proudly launched Taylor’d Bundles and can honestly say she’s never looked back. The service makes people smile and enables Caz to wrap beautiful presents day in and day out - how lovely is that?

So what is a Taylor’d Bundle?
A Taylor’d Bundle is a luxury gift set made up of beautiful handmade items that have been lovingly created alongside a range of talented up-and-coming designers from across the UK. Caz works alongside 20+ collaborators who design and/or make each and every item that appears in the bundle, this guarantees the gifts are one of a kind. There is also a large range of exclusive designs especially made for Taylor’d Bundles.

The bundles can be personalised, branded and incorporate personal touches; the possibilities are endless. But it’s the aim to send out gifts that show love, effort and thought. The loved one is put at the very heart of each gift we create.
Taylor’d Bundles organise delivery (UK and worldwide) and for UK gifts we promise that each bundle is delivered within 7 working days or less, this removes the lengthy lead times that are often associated with handmade items.

Taylor’d Bundles have been lucky to work with some wonderful brands such as Jack Wills, Revlon, YMCA, Hasbro (to name a few) and has created maternity gifts for them to help reaffirm how important and valued their staff and customers are.

"Gone are the days of sending out flowers or vouchers to our staff who go on maternity leave. Your service knocks the socks off anything we could buy our employees…Your gifts truly reflect how much we value our people"

"It’s lovely to be able to send a gift (to our staff) that truly reflects how much we care about them"

With bundles ranging from £28 (exc P&P) - £170 (inc P&P) and with over 45 different bundles to choose from, we like to think that we have created a collection of gifts that appeals to everyone.

Be the reason someone smiles today by sending them a Taylor’d Bundle| Thoughtful gifts made simple.

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About Taylor'd Bundles

Taylor'd Bundles; maternity gifting service with a difference.

Created for mums, and founded by then – expectant mumpreneur Caz Taylor, Taylor’d Bundles is a unique maternity gift service, offering handmade, personalised items created by a team of up and coming designers and crafters from across the UK.
Inspired by the array of beautiful handmade and bespoke gifts she and her husband received when their first child was born, it was her aim to create gifts that would genuinely make people smile at a time that maybe filled with a mix of emotions.

Everything in our bespoke bundles has been lovingly designed for new mums, with products varying from Liberty of London play mats, pinafore dresses, cot blankets, bunting and bibs.

The bundles can be personalised, incorporate individual touches and for corporate customers, there is the opportunity to include brand colours or even branding if required; the possibilities are endless. But it’s the ultimate aim of the business to send out gifts that show love, effort and thought. The loved one is put at the very heart of each gift we create and this shows in all we do.

Our talented team is skilled in applique, paper cutting, illustrating and hand stitching – to name but a few. Many of the products have been tried and tested by Caz’s own experience as a mum – the sibling bundle came about when she was having her second child, which gives everything an even more personal touch. Other contents have been created exclusively for the bundles – meaning you certainly won’t find it on the high street.

With bundles ranging from £28 - £170 and with over 50 different bundles to choose from, there is something for everyone.

Taylor’d Bundles | Thoughtful gifts made simple.

Thanks for taking the time to read a little more about my business and I do hope to hear from you soon.

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